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Kids Club August Promo!

By Dena Zigun July 31, 2014

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This month, our Roche Bros. Kid Club partner, Mighty Kids Media, is looking for some awesome kids to select as their Mighty Kid of the Month!   We are looking for a Mighty Kid who embodies SuperEmpowerment™ and has a can-do attitude and makes smart choices. If selected, your child will be featured on the Mighty Kids website and Facebook page for that month and will win a Danger Rangers Prize Pack!


Enter now on the Might Kids website at http://www.mightykidsmedia.com/about-us/mighty-kid-of-the-month/






Kids Club

Job Openings by Store

By Karlene Pfeil July 10, 2014

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At Roche Bros., we are always interested in connecting with people interested in a position in our stores. Our online application allows you to apply for any position in any store.  Below, you can browse an up-to-date list of all of our current openings by store, and then apply online for positions we are looking to fill today.  Thank you for your interest in joining the Roche Bros. family!

Help Needs by Store: 


Part-Time Cashiers-morning and evening shifts
Part-Time Grocery Clerks-morning and evening clerks

Part-Time Cashiers
Part-Time Service Clerks
Part-Time Prep Foods Clerks
Part-Time Cooks


*New* Part time Personal Shopper clerk
*New* Full-Time Catering driver
*New*  Part-Time Produce clerk
*New* Part-Time Deli clerk
*New* Part-Time maintenance clerks

*New* Part-time Deli Clerks
*New* Part-time Produce Clerks
*New* Part-time Prepared Foods Clerks


Part-Time Kitchen Utility Clerk/Dishwasher

Full-Time and Part-Time Meat Cutter

*New* Part-Time Grocery Clerks (18+)
*New* Part-Time Bakery Clerks – Mornings(18+)
*New* Part-Time Maintenance Clerks – Mornings (18+)

*New* Part-time Maintenance (Am & Pm)
*New* Part-time Prepared Foods Clerk
*New* Part-time Prepared Foods Cooks
*New* Part-time Prepared Foods Dishwasher

Medfield – Brothers Marketplace
Meat/Seafood Lead
Maintenance Team Member
Meat/Seafood Team Member
Prepared Foods/Deli Team Member

Part-time Home Delivery Driver
Part-time Maintenance Clerk-day and evening shifts
Part-time Bakery Clerk/Cake Decorator

Part-Time Deli Clerk
Full-Time Meat Cutter
Part-Time Grocery Clerk
Part-Time Bakery Clerk (PM Shifts)
Part-Time and Full Time Cooks

Needham Roche Bros.
Part-Time Grocery Clerk
Part-Time Deli Clerk
Part-Time Produce Clerk
Part-Time Meat Clerk
Pert-Time Maintenance Clerk
Part-Time Cashier (available aft and/or evenings)
Part-Time Service Clerks (available aft and/or evenings)

Needham Sudbury Farms

Part-Time Cashier

Part-Time Kitchen Clerk

Part-Time Deli Clerk
*New* Full Time Cashier (Supervisor Experience Preferred)
*New* Full Time Prepared Foods Cook

*New* Part-Time Deli Clerk (Afternoons & Evenings)
*New* Part-Time Produce Clerk (Mornings)

*New* Part Time Night Crew
Part-time Grocery Clerk
Part-time Meat Clerks

Part-time Kitchen Clerks
Part-time Produce Clerk
Part-time Cashiers (morning  shifts)
Part-time Service Clerks (morning shifts)

Part-time Cashiers- all shifts available
Part-time Service Clerks-all shifts available
Full-time Bakery Clerk
Full-time Cashier (bookkeeping experience preferred)

*New* Full-Time Meat Clerk
*New* Full or Part-time Catering Delivery Driver
Part-Time Produce Clerk-Day shifts (early am)
Part-Time Deli Clerk-Day shifts (early am)
Part-Time Prepared Foods (Kitchen) Clerk -Day shifts (early am)
Full-Time or Part Time Home Delivery Driver
Part-Time Grocery Clerk-Day shifts (early am)
Part-Time Personal Shopper-Day shifts
Part-Time Cashiers-Day shifts

Weston- Brothers Marketplace
*New* Full and Part-Time Grocery Team Members
*New* Full and Part-Time Meat & Seafood Team Members
*New* Part-Time Bakery & Cheese Team Members
*New* Part-Time Produce & Floral Team Members
*New* Part-Time Prepared Foods Team Members
*New* Part-Time Customer Service Team Members

West Roxbury
*New* Part-time Produce Clerk
Part-time Deli Clerk

Part-time Maintenance Clerk (18+)
Full-time and Part Time Cooks






About Us, What's New

4th of July Roundup

By Cameron Madge July 01, 2014

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Happy 4th of July from Roche Bros.!

You know summer is in full swing when July 4th is upon us! At Roche Bros., we have everything you need to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends and make it delicious.

From that sweet and tangy BBQ taste to desserts in patriotic shapes and colors, here are our suggestions to make your Fourth of July special:

Heating Things Up

If you’re looking to heat things up by firing up the grill – or want a little spice at your cookout – we have all the special items you need to make memories at your BBQ.

For the main course, offer our Certified Angus Prime Grinds and Fenway Franks.

Don’t forget to stop in the bakery for the rolls! And look for gluten-free BBQ options in the grocery aisle.

Make it a Rib Fest with all sorts of fresh ribs in our meat department, with your favorite barbecue sauce. You can also find grill-ready ribs in the meat case, with your choice of sauces. Or bring home a ready-to-go BBQ from Our Kitchen with BBQ Pulled Pork, St. Louis BBQ Ribs and BBQ Jumbo Chicken Leg Quarters! Just heat and serve, without even lighting up the grill.

Add some real cache to your stars-and-stripes celebration with our new Chef Ready Lobster Tails. Try them plain or marinated, with your choice of Lemon Rosemary, Lime Vinaigrette, Roasted Garlic, Sweet Teriyaki or Sriracha BBQ.

Show off your cooking skills by Grilling Vegetables to enjoy on the side. From corn on the cob grilled in the husk to rainbow grilled vegetables on skewers, you really can’t go wrong. Or pick up some hot side dishes from Our Kitchen. Twice Baked Potatoes and Mom’s Baked Beans are sure to be devoured.

When you’re ready for a toast, check out our primer on pairing your grilled meats with wines to enhance their flavor.

Playing it Cool

With the sun beating down, some of your guests will surely want to play it cool. Make sure you have these crisp, cool options available for them to enjoy:

Salads: Always a crowd-pleaser, find Bud Roche’s original recipe Homemade Potato Salad in our deli department.

It’s also a great time to try something new! We have four new savory salads in our deli. Select from spicy Sriracha Chicken Salad, zesty Basil Tomato Tortellini Salad, crunchy Edamame Cranberry with Walnuts Salad and fresh Orzo Kale Salad. If you can’t decide, serve more than one!

Our Kitchen is also brimming with fresh new takes on salad that are full of flavor and packed with healthy ingredients. Try Summer Vegetable Couscous Salad and Three-Bean Kale Salad for the 4th.

Dips: Our Kitchen’s Guacamole, Seven-Layer Dip and Buffalo Chicken Dip go well with crackers, chips and your crudite platter.

Cheese: For this weekend’s festivities, why not make your own cheese board? Roche Bros.’ cheese department has everything you need. A traditional French cheese board includes four cheeses: one made with sheep’s milk, one made with cow’s milk, one goat cheese and one blue cheese.

Try Locatelli Pecorino Romano, President Brie, Chavrie Goat Cheese and Salemville Amish Blue. Or ask an expert for suggestions in the cheese department. Add grapes, almonds and a bit of honey and your cheese board is complete.

And if don’t have the time, don’t worry! We have plenty of time to make a cheese board for you, so come to Roche Bros. to pick one up.

Finishing Sweet

We’re celebrating red, white and blue with an array of Patriotic Desserts in our bakery that are ready for you to bring home! From cakes to tarts to trifles, we have an option for everyone.

Use that sweet final moment to keep things cool with sliced watermelon and popsicles in all colors. On a holiday at this time of year, you’ll need enough frozen delights for kids and grown-ups alike.

Extend the party a little bit longer by circling the grill and roasting marshmallows to make s’mores. We have many choices for graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate throughout the grocery department.

Happy 4th of July from the Roche Bros. family!





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Kids Club July Promo!

By Dena Zigun July 01, 2014

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For July, registered Roche Bros. Kids Club members will receive a free download of the Mighty Kids Cool by the Pool iPad app.  The app features the Danger Rangers: Burble, Kitty, Sully, Bert, Gabriela and Squeeky.  Through the Cool by the Pool story and a collection of fun activities like Matching, Word Scramble, Fill in the Blanks, Drawing and Tic Tac Toe, the Danger Rangers teach safety tips in and around the pool and at a lake or beach.

Kids can join the Roche Bros. Kids Club to access online games, music, videos and more.  Roche Bros. Kids Club content is provided by Mighty Kids Media.  The goal of Mighty Kids Media is to celebrate the innate superpowers all children have within themselves and believe today’s child is tomorrow’s hero. We meet this challenge by empowering children with a can-do attitude and sense of personal responsibility.





Kids Club