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By Dena Zigun September 30, 2016

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Online Shopping Transition FAQ

By Dena Zigun September 28, 2016

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Roche Bros. Home Delivery is Launching A

In the coming weeks, we will be launching our new Home Delivery and Express Lane Pickup website. Please visit www.rochebros.com/shop before placing your order to ensure you are directed to the correct website.

Our new online shopping experience will offer:
• An easy-to-navigate experience on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone
• More ways to shop – filter by what’s on sale; prior purchases; local and natural offerings; product attributes including low sodium, gluten free, kosher, and more
• User-friendly organization that learns as you shop, showing you the items and sales you care about most
• Award-winning design on par with best-in-class online shopping websites

Your email, delivery address, and prior purchases or “jumbo list” will be automatically transferred to our new platform. You will need to reset your password and re-enter payment information on the new site.

Thank you for your patience as we transition to a new platform to serve you better.  Below, please find answers to our Frequently Asked Questions about this transition:

About Ordering

Where Do I Find My Jumbo List & Shopping Lists?

On the right hand side of the screen you will see your name with a drop down arrow to the right of it.  You will be able to find your jumbo list, and favorites list under “Shopping Lists”.  These lists are static and will not update with any future orders.  You can take advantage of our newly added “previously purchased” filter to easily find the products you shop for regularly.

How do I?

How Do I Shop?

There are many ways for you to shop!  You can shop products on sale, Gluten Free products, Natural products, previously purchased, local products, organic products, new products, low sodium products, shop by aisle, brand or simply typing in a desired item that you are looking for. Once an item is added to your shopping cart you will be able to see your shopping cart on the right hand side of the screen. If you have any specific notes for your picker you will be able to add your notes on any specific items once they are in your shopping cart.


How Do I View My Order History?

On the right hand side of the screen you will see your name with a drop down arrow to the right of it.  By clicking on “Order History” you will be able to see your scheduled delivery/pick up date, total, and status of your order. If you would like to view items in the order, to find your order number, payment details & order details you will need to select “View”.


How Do I Change My Password & Update Contact, Personal & Delivery Address Information?

On the right hand side of the screen you will see your name with a drop down arrow to the right of it. You will need to click on “My Profile”. On this page you may update any personal, contact information or any delivery address changes that you may have. On the left hand side of the screen there will be a link that says “Change Password”.  You will be able to change your password from this screen. You will need to enter your current password and then you will be able to reset your password and confirm the changes.


How Do I View Available Credits?

On the right hand side of the screen you will see your name with a drop down arrow to the right of it. You will need to click on “My Profile”.  On the left hand side of the screen there will be a link that says “Available Credits”. This is where you will find any credits that you currently have on your account.


General Questions

Can I Have More Than One Delivery Address? 

Our new platform only allows one delivery address per email address. If you have more than one delivery address you will need to create a different account for each address.  If you wish to change your delivery address you will need to click on “My Profile” and update your delivery address information.  You may also change your delivery address on step 2 “Schedule” when you are going through checking out.


Have more questions? Please email us at rochehelpdesk@rochebros.com or call 781-694-5280 (available seven days a week, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm).

Thank you for shopping with Roche Bros.






Top Tips for Back to School

By Sara White September 04, 2016

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The summer flew by and all of a sudden, it’s time for the kids to get back to school. From making breakfast that is quick and filling to packing lunch your kids will love to having dinner ready at a reasonable time, here are our top tips for a smooth transition back to school:


1) Make lunch in bite-sized pieces: Lunch is more exciting when you can pop it in your mouth – and almost anything can be made mini. Cook hot dogs and pack them in small pieces in a thermos. Pack a separate container of mini-mozzarella balls and another of cherry or grape tomatoes, and eat it all with a toothpick. Cut sandwiches into mini triangles, or make PB&J on mini-silver dollar pancakes for a change!

2) Eat the rainbow: Up the ante on the health quotient of everyone’s lunchbox with fruit and vegetable-based choices that no one can resist. Make crisp salads with fresh vegetables, crunchy nuts or seeds, and leftover protein from last night’s dinner. Pasta salads are great vehicles for any leftover veggies, raw or cooked. To make it even simpler, we cut veggies and fruit of all types and colors for you! Stop by the produce department to check out the full selection. For our latest ideas on produce that’s fun to pack and eat, check out: Avoiding the Lunch Box Rut: Eating the Rainbow!

3) Grab snacks in packs: The grocery aisles at Roche Bros. are stocked with snacks in packs that make adding that one last thing to the lunch box a breeze. From Skinny Pop Popcorn to Cape Cod Potato Chips to Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks, the options abound for crunchy, salty and sweet snacks that are ready to go in an instant.

4) Plan tomorrow’s dinner … today … or the day before that: Even a little bit of planning in advance will make it much more likely that you’ll have dinner on the table on a school night before everyone is clamoring for the snacks in the pantry. Shop online from the comfort of your home or office with Roche Bros. Home Delivery service. Marinate chicken and leave it in the refrigerator the night before, so it’s ready to pop in the oven when you get home from work. Chop vegetables for the next few days on Sunday afternoon and take them out as needed for stir-fries and salads. Or throw everything for a big soup, stew or braised meat or veggies into the slow-cooker in the morning for dinner that’s ready when everyone gets home. Make it even easier with a Ready Chef Go dinner from Our Kitchen, all prepped and ready to cook in a microwave and oven safe bag! Select from flavorful combinations of meat, seafood and fresh vegetables with an array of seasonings, so you can serve great meals in minutes with no fuss and no mess.

5) Prep great choices for breakfast on the run: Be prepared so no one is rushing out of the house hungry! Hard-boil eggs and have them at the ready or bake mini-egg muffins with meat and chopped veggies mixed in to heat and eat in transit. Find frozen pancakes, waffles and French toast sticks in the freezer section. Pop them in the microwave or toaster and you’re good to go. Have a box of energy bars or granola bars available for days when heating something up is out of the question.


Good luck in the new school year from all of us at Roche Bros.!






What's New

Labor Day Barbecue Ideas

By Sara White September 02, 2016

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Labor Day Weekend marks the last long weekend of the summer. The school year has started, and it’s time to say goodbye to those lazy summer days. There’s no better way to end the summer than with a big backyard barbecue.

Here are some ideas for changing up your BBQ this weekend:

Fire up the Grill

For the main course, spice things up with seasoned burgers and kabobs that are ready to grill. Or offer a menu of homemade kabobs with different marinades, proteins and vegetables. Make several choices for your gathering or give guests of all ages the chance to mix and match their own. It’s a fun way to please even the pickiest eaters.

Stop by our meat department for our Certified Angus Prime Grinds. We offer Prime Grinds as 85% and 90% lean ground beef, and made into Pub Burgers, Sliders, and six mouth-watering flavored patties: Mushroom & Swiss, Onion & Pepper, Bacon, Bacon & Cheddar, Cracked Black Pepper and Steakbomb. With a combination of Pepperoni, Onions, Green and Red Peppers, Mushrooms and Provolone, Steakbomb is prime burger meets pizza meets Italian sub, all rolled into one. For hot dogs, our Berkshire Black Franks are ready in just a few minutes on a hot grill.

Summer Sides

Stop by our deli to pick up your favorite summer sides and salads. From our new Pineapple Cole Slaw or Red Potato Salad to old favorites such as All Natural Cole Slaw and Homemade Potato Salad, there are options for everyone at your party.

Don’t Forget the Produce

On the side, savor sweet summer corn on the grill with a variety of flavorful toppings. Cover with a creamy mayo with parmesan and basil or go Mexican style with queso fresco and chipotle chile powder.

Find new ways to enjoy the bounty of tomatoes in the produce department, from panzanella salad to homemade Bloody Marys. Or savor summer tomatoes well into the fall by making your own homemade ketchup in a slow-cooker!

For dessert, feature juicy berries, with a blend of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries without covering up their naturally sweet flavors! Bring a touch of sophistication the berries with zabaglione – an Italian whipped custard sauce – and serve in a martini glass.

You can’t have a cook-out without some sweet, juicy watermelon. Enjoy it as is, or incorporate it into exciting new salads, salsas or sweet treats using this recipe for Watermelon Blueberry Pops or any of these great ways to serve watermelon.

No Time to Cook?

If you’ve decided last minute to host a Labor Day get together, we’ve got you covered there as well! Our Hot Bar has plenty of BBQ Favorites like Pulled Pork, St. Louis Ribs, and Mom’s Baked Beans, all hot and ready to serve so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time soaking up the last of the summer sun.