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Celebrating Our Signature Items

By Dena Zigun October 14, 2016

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As we mark our 64th anniversary as your locally owned and operated family supermarket, it means so much to us to have you shop at Roche Bros. every week. In honor of this milestone, we’re celebrating the items we sell that make us who we are … and keep customers coming back every week.

Stop by the deli for our own homemade potato salad, made with the original recipe Bud Roche created in 1978. While you’re there, pick up some of our juicy home-cooked roast beef, made with only Certified Angus Prime beef, known for superior marbling, firmness and tenderness.

Speaking of Prime beef, you’ll also find signature offerings in the meat department. Our Certified Angus Prime Grinds start with the same Certified Angus Beef as our roast beef and then is ground in store the day every day. For memorable night on the grill or easy dinner in a pan, try it in the form of Pub Burgers, Sliders, and six mouth-watering flavored patties: Mushroom & Swiss, Onion & Pepper, Bacon, Bacon & Cheddar, Cracked Black Pepper and Steakbomb. Also find our own marinated meats, ready-to-grill, sear, braise or roast, with all-natural marinades – from spicy, sweet Honey Buffalo to tropical Caribbean Mango.

When there is cause for celebration, plan your menu around our extra thick cuts of steak, including Kansas City Sirloin Strip Steak, Cowboy Semi-Boneless Rib Eye Steak, Big Daddy Porterhouse Steak and our Double Thick Tenderloin Steak. And don’t miss the chance to serve our sweet and beautiful Honey Crunch Ham or Turkey for the holidays.

And enjoy one of our newer offerings, Local Harvest Natural Beef, from humanely raised, antibiotic-free, Angus-breed cattle, locally raised here in New England.

We’ve had some traditions in Roche Bros. Kitchen for years, and our smoky, tender Bourbon Grilled Steak Tips certainly fit the bill for a satisfying, flavorful and ready to heat and serve meal. And visit us on Thursdays for “Six Buck Cluck,” when you can get our rotisserie chicken for $6. Complete the meal with your choice of sides, such as butternut squash and curried cauliflower.

Our Kitchen’s Soups, made from scratch using all natural ingredients and homemade stocks, are warming up in time for the cooler weather. Find comfort in classics, such as our rich, creamy and thick, the New England Clam Chowder and spicy Angus Steak Chili with Beans.

In the produce department, find what’s fresh and in season. We make it easy for you to eat your fruit and veggies with freshly cut options, including cut fruit in crystal bowls, ready to serve at your next party.

Our Own Cheese Spreads, available in the cheese department, combine fresh cream cheese, gourmet cheese selections, and our favorite seasonings. From our best-selling Cheddar-Blue Spread, to Spicy Gouda, blazing Buffalo and sweet Chutney, we have a cheese spread for every palate.

We’re proud to partner with our fresh fish partner, Foley Fish. They search search high and low for the best source for each seafood item, bringing you fresh, off-the-boat, local fish and seafood. From Block Island Swordfish to wild Georges Bank sea scallops to fresh salmon portions, our seafood department has memorable choices for any meal.

Your visit to Roche Bros. isn’t complete without a stop at our bakery. Grab a bucket of cookies, and we won’t tell if you eat one before you leave the store. Select from a wide array of everyone’s favorite pies… Natural Juice Pies, Ricotta Pie, Pumpkin Pie and more. Impress guests with a trifle in a beautiful bowl and celebrate special occasions with Our Bakery’s sheet cakes.

Decorate your table or make someone smile with our floral arrangements, designed and assembled in the store and focused on in-season offerings.

From all of us at Roche Bros., thank you for shopping with us for 64 years and counting!




What's New

Update: Wellesley Reusable Bag Design Challenge

By Dena Zigun October 13, 2016

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Roche Bros. has partnered with Linden Square owners Federal Realty, the Wellesley Natural Resources Commission and Evolutions program at Wellesley High School to encourage reusable bag use through an innovative bag design contest!

The following designs created by Wellesley High School students were chosen as finalists.  Customers at Linden Square voted October 15 – 20, and selected design #6 below by Caroline Green and Allison MacDougall as the winner.  The bags will be available for purchase at Roche Bros. in early December.

Thank you to all those who voted, and especially to the hard-working and creating students in the Evolutions class at Wellesley High School for all of their creative and inspiring designs!


Design #1



“When we first started this design, the main idea that we wanted to use was the topic of “One Wellesley.” Currently, this topic means a lot to the community and to us as the designers. We put a world in the middle because we also wanted to add the idea of keeping the earth safe and clean. The two green trees represent recycling and being “green.” If you really pay attention to the trees you can see a light bulb, a gas pump, the sun, and arrows that signify the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle). The words“Community” and “Team Work” were taken from our backup design of a word splash. These words represent how Wellesley is a community working together to become closer and do what we all know is right. We feel as if our design really expresses the image of the town of Wellesley.”   – Taryn Drigo and Jahneay Hunt.

Design #5



“Our design is a combination of a few of our original designs. The design features a image of a light bulb with a green ‘W’ behind it. Inside of the light bulb is a tree with an image of town hall and the words ‘Reduce Reuse’. The ‘W’ stands for Wellesley. We also incorporated the image of town hall. We used these images in our design because people expressed a desire for the town of Wellesley to be represented on the bag. The tree and the words ‘reduce reuse’ express the bags reusability, and the positive impact it is meant to have on the environment. The light bulb represents green innovation of the sort we will need to protect the environment.” – Charlie King and Kuba Zalesky.


Design #6


“After thinking long and hard about many bag designs, we finally narrowed the choice down to two different bag designs. The first one was an image of a person walking their dog in the
rain with an umbrella and the text ‘Wellesley est.1881’. The second idea was of a tree with circular leaves. We knew we wanted to have the Wellesley written on it and something promoting the town going green. The idea was to make a design that was eye catching and easy to remember, but not too flashy. When we conducted a survey at Linden Square, the majority of people said they liked seeing the Wellesley theme, the color green, and something promoting the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle). We both asked parents, friends, teachers, and anyone willing to talk for a few minutes what designs they liked best and why. We finally decided on the tree because it is what most of the people we surveyed were drawn to most. We also added the text ‘Wellesley est.1881’ in order to combine the two designs. One friend commented on the shape of the tree, saying that it might look better slightly growing to the right. Taking the comment into consideration, we changed the design and actually ended up loving it a lot more. Along with the text ‘Wellesley est.1881’, we wanted to incorporate another text promoting Wellesley’s green environment. After thinking about complicated quotes to add, we realized that, just like being green, the text should be simple, not complex. We decided on ‘It’s simple being green’. We thought it really represented what we want the buyers to know when grocery shopping; it is so easy to take the next step towards making our town clean. We tried adding words in the leaf bubbles and at first it worked, but we decided against it. First, the design might get too complicated or cluttered. Second, we filled them with landmarks in Wellesley, but felt it might be wrong if we left some out. Lastly, we didn’t want the words interfering with the main focus.” – Caroline Green and Allison MacDougall.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. and Vote!