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Weekly Ad

By Dena Zigun January 05, 2018

Roche Bros. has two options for viewing our weekly ad circular online:

Online-Shopping Style / Downloadable PDF

Interactive, online-retail shopping experience with print-style downloadable PDF.  Ideal for Home Delivery orders.  Shows current specials/flyers only:




Online Browsing – Print-style (with sale previews)

The online viewing experience we’ve offered for the last several years.  Shows the following week’s ad beginning on Wednesdays:






11 Responses to Weekly Ad

  1. C. Ilsley says:

    Where does the date on the new online flyer appear? Will I be able to access a preview of the next week’s online flyer on Thursday? Again, will the dates in effect be listed at the top/heading of each page to avoid confusion?

    • Dena Zigun says:

      The items/PDF shown default to the current week. In the PDF, the effective dates are also shown in the top right corner of each page, as in the print version of the circular.
      IF you would like to see sale items for a different date in the shopping format you may do so by choosing to shop for a delivery dated during that next circular period. You don’t actually need to check out and have the groceries delivered, but picking that delivery date will adjust the prices you see and what shows up as “on sale” appropriately for next week.

  2. Marie says:

    Yeah! Found the PDF form of the flyer and I am now a “Happy Camper”. I am not a computer person, so it took a while to figure things out. As long as I have the pDF I am thrilled

  3. Derrick Ingram says:

    Getting used to the new online shopping list and circular, and think it will be pretty useful. But, I’m wondering if there are any plans for an Android shopping list app. There used to be an iPhone app, but I switched to Android several years ago and there hasn’t been an Android app. I currently use a 3rd party shopping list app, but it would be so great if we could access the new in-store list and circular on our phones to create a shopping list. Thanks for “listening”, and for any info.

  4. jen says:

    Am i able to print my list by aisle? I’ve tried sorting by aisle and printing but it just comes up by department

  5. Hungry Martha says:

    I would like it if I did not have to select which store I shop at every time I visit the site. How about using cookie or whatever to remember this?