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Back to School at Roche Bros.!

By Dena Zigun August 22, 2014

It’s Back-to-School Time at Roche Bros.

Fall is in the air and the kids’ backpacks are packed with clean notebooks and sharpened pencils. Summer flew by and it’s time to get back to school!
That means the days are going to be busy and families need to be ready with easy, tasty and healthy options to fill lunch boxes each and every day. It also means you need to be prepared with quick-and-easy breakfast choices and hearty dinners that will satisfy the whole family. From our family to yours – and our kitchen to your table – Roche Bros. has everything you need to make an easy transition back to school.


Serve breakfast that’s full of protein and easy to make in advance with eggs as a centerpiece. Make grab-and-go egg “muffins” by mixing eggs with your favorite chopped vegetables and cheeses and baking them in the oven in muffin tins. If you prepare them on Sunday, they’ll be ready for the week. Cook up bacon or sausage, too, and make sure you have enough to reheat.
Buy frozen waffles or pancakes and toast them right when the kids wake up. Be sure the kids’ favorite cereals are stored at their height, and that the milk is easily accessible. And have cut up fruit and yogurt ready to serve. We have fruit already chopped for you in the produce department and a host of yogurt options for all tastes and dietary preferences in the dairy aisle!

The Lunch Box

The deli department is stocked and ready with everything you need to make sandwiches for your kids’ lunch boxes. Thumann’s has a wide array of healthful deli products, with turkey for every taste from maple and honey to mesquite smoked to buffalo, as well as ham, roast beef, cheese and more.  You can also find all of your favorites from Dietz and Watson, which never uses artificial colors, flavors, fillers, extenders or MSG.  At our deli counter, we’re ready to slice your deli meat to order, also offering natural deli selections from Applegate, Plainville Farms and Al Fresco, all free from antibiotics, MSG, nitrates, phosphates, and carrageenan. And don’t forget to pick up a fresh loaf of bread from our bakery!

For some kids, lunch must include a traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Make your son or daughter’s sandwich more exciting with Full Circle Organic Peanut Butter and Santa Cruz Organic Fruit Spreads in Concord Grape or Seedless Red Raspberry. Or try almond butter for a change. For nut-free options, select from SunButter Sunflower Spread or WOWBUTTER School Safe Soy Spread.
For a unique and fun sandwich twist, skip the bread! It’s a great way to pack a gluten-free lunch, or just to make a change that will surprise the kids and add something new to the lunch-box rotation. Take slices of ham or turkey from the deli, and roll them up with tomatoes, cucumbers and mustard or other fillings of your choice. Or use bite-sized pieces to make a meat, veggie and cheese skewer. Why not try making an apple-wich, with apple slices instead of bread, for a sandwich that will make kids smile? Cut up apples in thick, round slices for the outside and fill them with peanut butter or SunButter to make a sandwich. Try the same concept with cucumber slices with cream cheese or turkey and cheese in the middle.
On the side, include snacks and sides that are easy to pack, from mini-bags of SkinnyPop Popcorn to cheese and crackers to yogurt in a tube. See all sorts of great options here: Easy & Healthy Lunch Box Snacks

Be sure to super-size the vegetable and fruit contents of your kids’ lunch boxes with our Top Tips for Lunch Box Fruits and Veggies. If you want to add a little treat, try Nut-Free School Safe Snacks, something sweet from Sweet P’s Bake Shop or one of Our Bakery’s Cookies.  For drinks, the grocery and dairy aisles are lined with small bottles of spring water, Horizon Organic Lowfat Milk Boxes, Honest Kids Juice Drinks in individual servings, and more.

Sitting down to dinner

With a little preparation, you can enjoy satisfying dinners for your family without having to scramble.
When you’re cooking, keep weekday meals simple. Roast salmon with fresh herbs, lemon and oil or make fish on the grill while the weather is still nice.  Serve burgers with all the condiments and a side of salad and fries.

Make dinner healthy and delicious with Roche Bros. salmon burgers or marinated grill-ready kabobs you can toss on the grill. Or stop in Our Kitchen for skewers that are ready to heat and serve!
For dinner for everyone, and maybe even leftovers for lunch the next day, take home Roche Bros.’ ever-popular rotisserie chicken and turkey. It’s made fresh daily, but don’t forget about 5-Buck-Cluck on Thursdays, when our rotisserie chickens are only $5 each! And for a hearty meal full of fresh chicken and vegetables, try Our Kitchen’s Own Pot Pies.

From all of us at Roche Bros., we wish you lots of fun – and great meals – as the kids start back at school!





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