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A New Way to Shop for Recipes!

By Dena Zigun March 19, 2015

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Ever find yourself frustrated trying to compile a shopping list for the recipes you want to cook each week?
Roche Bros. is excited to introduce you to Popcart  – a new bookmarklet tool that you can use to instantly send recipe ingredients straight Roche Bros. Home Delivery.

Now you can open up that amazing recipe on Pinterest, or your favorite recipe site, and – with 1 click – put the recipe ingredients you need into your Roche Bros. Home Delivery cart for speedy checkout when you’re ready.

It’s easy to use!  Simply download the bookmarklet here.  Once you add the button to your browser, you can go to any online recipe (that’s right — ANY online recipe!) and click the “Pop it” button to add the ingredients directly into your Roche Bros. Home Delivery cart.  The program is smart enough to leave out the basics you probably have at home (salt, pepper, oil, etc.),  You can even swap products to your liking before adding.

Here are 5 great things about using Popcart:

1. It’s free to use.
2. It works on any online recipe.
3. You can swap out products that you don’t like.
4. You can see the total price of a recipe. So handy!
5. You can sit back and relax at home, while Roche Bros. Home Delivery does all the shopping for you, and brings your ingredients right to your door!

Try it today, and use the comments below to let us know what you think!




Holiday Dinners Dunn Easy

By Dena Zigun December 15, 2014

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Getting your dinner done deliciously is no small task. That’s why Roche Bros. Corporate Culinary Innovation Chef, Brian Dunn, has again teamed up with 105.7 WROR for the Holiday Season to help make your holidays special and stress-free.  How?  After an hour of commercial free music for your ride home starting each weekday at 5pm, Brian will be giving his Dinner’s Dunn tip of the day at 5:55pm!  Then visit this page to get more tips, links to recipes, and other holiday helpers.


For Monday, December 15th, the Tip of the day is..

Hanukkah begins tomorrow, and Latkes, or potato pancakes, are a traditional way to celebrate the miracle of the oil. There are plenty of amazing Latkes recipes out there, but for a different twist on this tradition, try frying pancakes made from other vegetables, like my Sweet Potatoes Latke recipe. For a little extra something, try serving with Spiced Apple Butter and Sour Cream!


For Tuesday, December 16th, the Tip of the Day is…

Appetizers are a must for holiday entertaining. One of my favorite easy and impressive appetizers is Individual Baked Brie bites.  Find the recipe on RocheBros.com. And if you’d like a little help for your holiday parties, Roche Bros. offers a great selection of appetizer platters sure to delight your guests


For Wednesday, December 17th, the Tip of the Day is..

Today is the last full day to place your christmas dinner order with Roche Brothers Creative Entertaining. With full dinners featuring ham, prime rib, and roast leg of lamb, we make Christmas dinner worry free and delicious. You can also order appetizers, sides, or desserts from Roche Brothers’ kitchen to ensure a full table, including favorites like our Butternut Squash, Mashed Potatoes, or holiday specialties like Candied Yams and even soups!


 For Thursday, December 18th, the Tip of the Day is…

With so many great options available, choosing the main dish for your holiday dinner can be a challenge. One of my new favorites is Berkshire Black pork. This 300 year old heritage breed is renowned for its richness, texture, marbling, juciness, tenderness and overall depth of flavor. Some call it the “kobe beef of pork!” Pick up Berkshire Black Pork for your Holiday Dinner at Roche Bros., and choose from selections such as Frenched Racks, Boneless Pork Roast, or the impressive Tomahawk Pork Roast – a restaurant style, long bone cut.


For Friday, December 19th, the Tip of the Day is…

Food makes a great gift during the holiday season.  Fudge is one of my favorites – easy to make and store, and delicious to eat! Visit RocheBros.com to find a fudge recipe so easy you can make it in the microwave! You’ll also find all the cookie tins and other gift giving essentials at your local Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms.


For Monday, December 22nd, the Tip of the Day is…

One of the best parts of any holiday meal is the dessert! Roche brother’s bakery departments have great choices including trifles- layers of whipped cream, pudding, and seasonal fillings that are beautiful and delicious. If you’re baking, elevate your dessert by using authentic vanilla from madagascar. Try mixing some into your homemade whipped cream for a little extra flavor!


For Tuesday, December 23rd, the Tip of the Day is…

We are getting close to Christmas day so make sure you have all your sides ready to go. Pick up prepared soups and sides from Roche Brothers kitchen to help round out your meal and take stress off of same day cooking. One of my favorites? Horseradish mashed potatoes- a perfect pairing for roast beef.

Stay tuned to WROR, follow Chef Dunn @Dinners_Dunn on Twitter, or visit this page every day to get all of the Holidays Dunn!





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Get Your Holidays Dunn with Roche Bros.!

By Dena Zigun November 21, 2014

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Want some tips to simplify your life this holiday season while getting your dinner done deliciously?   This year, Roche Bros. Corporate Culinary Innovation Chef, Brian Dunn, is teaming up with 105.7 WROR to help make your holidays special and stress-free.  How?  Tune in to 105.7 each weekday at 5pm for a commercial free ride home with great music.  At 5:55pm, listen for the Dinner’s Dunn report for a new tip each day.  Then visit this page to get more tips, links to recipes, and other holiday helpers.


Time to bake the pie!  If you’re making your own, cooking it today will allow you to check one thing off your list, and the pie will still be perfect.  Not into baking pastry from scratch?  Roche Bros. bakery has pumpkin, pecan, apple, custard pies and more.  Regardless of who made the pie, Chef Dunn recommends topping it off with some homemade whipped cream.  It couldn’t be easier!  Just whip 1 cup of whipping cream in a mixer or by hand, until stiff peaks are just about to form.  Beat in 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, and 1 tablespoon of confectioners sugar, and beat just until peaks form.  Try not to beat too much or you will start to make butter!


Thanksgiving is getting close – make sure you have all of your sides ready to go!  Casseroles, soups, and salads can round out the meal and offer some color and texture variety.  Picking up prepared soups and sides from Roche Bros. Kitchen can help you fill your table and take some stress out of cooking for the big day.  Chef Dunn’s favorite? Harvest Kale Salad.  Kale is very popular right now.  This salad pairs it with butternut squash, cranberries, and the right dressing for a hearty and healthy dish sure to impress.



Today is a great day to pick up the fresh produce you will need for Thursday’s dinner.  In addition to all the veggies for his side dishes, Chef Dunn likes to make sure he has fresh cranberries, fresh sage, and fresh rosemary on hand.  While dried herbs and spices can work well for certain flavors, sage and rosemary have noticeably better flavor, texture, and appearance when used fresh.  And cranberries add a pop of color and flavor whether baked into dishes or used as a ruby-red garnish.


Today is the last full day to place your dinner order with Roche Bros. Creative Entertaining.  We are happy to take your orders through noon on Saturday, November 22nd, for pickup on Wednesday, November 26th.  From oven roasted turkey dinners with all the fixings, to dinners featuring ham, prime rib, or roast leg of lamb, we can make Thanksgiving entertaining worry-free and delicious!  If you’re like Chef Dunn and prefer to make the main protein yourself, consider taking away some of the holiday stress by ordering appetizers, sides, or desserts from Roche Bros. Kitchen to ensure a full table.  Menus online here!


Order your turkey!!! Preordering your turkey from the Roche Bros. meat department is the best way to ensure that you have the right bird for you.  We have fresh, frozen, all-natural, organic, and brined options, just to name a few.  While you’re in the store pick up the grocery staples you will need to make your gravy on Thanksgiving Day.  All-natural Full Circle brand stock is delicious and a great value.  And to thicken your gravy easily, Argo cornstarch has always been Chef Dunn’s go-to!


Try some new squash!  While butternut squash is a fall favorite, Thanksgiving is a great time to try other delicious squash varieties.  One new favorite is Sweet Dumpling.  It is beautiful stuffed – a great vegetarian entree or side – and easy to prepare and serve as you can eat the skin!

Roche Bros. produce departments have an array of winter squashes on display.  Look for recipe cards in store, or try Chef Brian Dunn’s recipe for Sweet Dumpling Squash Stuffed with Truffle Mushroom Cous Cous right here!


Brine your turkey!  For a truly succulent main dish, add moisture and flavor to your turkey by soaking it in a mixture of water, salt and spices.  The Roche Bros. grocery department carries Turkey Perfect brine kits with a variety of seasoning blends so you can get the flavors just right.  Or for an even easier solution, order a pre-brined turkey from our meat department and cross another item off your list!


Even chefs use stuffing mix!  Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without stuffing.  To save time and still offer a delicious side, Roche Bros. Corporate Culinary Innovation Chef, Brian Dunn, adds mirpoix – a blend of chopped carrots, onions, and celery – and his favorite fresh sausage to the stuffing mix, adding flavor while easing stress.

Our Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms locations have all of your Thanksgiving grocery needs on display – stock up today and save time later!

Prefer to make your own stuffing from scratch?  Try our new Tidbits Magazine recipe for Wild Rice & Butternut Squash Stuffing , sure to add some flair to your Thanksgiving Dinner.


Stay tuned to WROR, follow Chef Dunn @Dinners_Dunn on Twitter, or visit this page every day to get all of the Holidays Dunn!





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Fall Mornings with French Toast

By Dena Zigun October 08, 2014

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French Toast
Feed your family a hearty breakfast featuring the flavors of fall with French toast!

Roche Bros. has all the ingredients you need to make your breakfast satisfying and exciting. Here is a look at our top suggestions for making your French toast great:

The bread
French toast is only as good as the bread you use to make it, and it’s so versatile that you can make it with any bread you and your family prefer. Stop by our bakery for Braided Challah Bread, or add some sweet spice from the start with Our Bakery’s Cinnamon French Toast Bread. Keep it simple with white or wheat sandwich bread in the grocery aisle. Or make it truly French with brioche or a baguette. Any of Our Bakery’s Artisan Breads are sure to be the basis for breakfast your whole family will love!

The batter (and other coating)
Of course you’ll need eggs to make the batter. Crack the eggs and then whisk in some milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract for French toast that’s simple and delicious.

For a sweet and spicy kick, enhance your batter with a hint of ginger. Or make it a little nutty with some almond extract.

Change up the milk by using almond or coconut milk for a dairy-free option. Add some orange or lemon juice for a zesty citrus flavor.

Give it a little extra crunch by coating it with shredded coconut or corn flakes!

The toppings and more
French toast is a meal ripe for toppings and fillings to make it special. The obvious additions are pure maple syrup, butter (try Cabot Butter from Vermont or Kate’s Homemade Butter from Maine) and confectioner’s sugar. Change the butter up for apple butter, or make a berry compote instead of syrup.

Turn your French toast into a celebration of fall by adding any of the apple varieties in the produce department! Bake them into your French toast with our recipe for Baked Apple French Toast.

Make a French toast sandwich by spreading it with ricotta cheese (add chocolate chips!) or cream cheese and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup.

From all of your Roche Bros. family, we hope you enjoy your breakfast!