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Tasty Tailgating Recipe Round-Up

By Berit Bancroft September 21, 2018

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Get creative in your kitchen before the game with this round-up of recipes to feed everyone at your tailgating party:

Smoky Chicken Sliders

Instead of a traditional beef patty, enjoy something new with these Smoky Chicken Sliders. Start with this smoky, juicy base and allow your guests to put their own twist on these miniature burgers with their favorite toppings.

Seasoned Bison-Blend Sliders

Change up your mini-sized burgers with a unique blend of ground beef and ground bison.

Cubano Sliders

Made with Peruvian Aji peppers, citrus juices and spices, try the new Cuban Mojo Sauce in this Cubano Sliders recipe from our friends at Stonewall Kitchen!

Beef & Bean Chili Verde

Give you chili a kick with diced green chilis and salsa verde in this crowd with this simple-to-make recipe.

Tailgate Pizza Sub

With pepperoni, salami and ham layered with pizza sauce and thinly sliced mozzarella, these Tailgate Pizza Subs turn pizza into a sandwich for game day.

Sheet Tray Nachos

Easy to personalize and fun to eat, nachos are a game-day classic for a reason. Get ready with these nachos you can make in the oven with ground meat, taco seasoning and melted cheese. Serve with sour cream, diced tomatoes, and sliced avocado.

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili

Balance out the spice in your tailgating spread by adding sweet potatoes, with this fresh take on chili.

Loaded Game Day Tots

Offer baked tater tots topped with cheese, bacon, and onions, served with a mixture of sour cream and sriracha sauce.

Buffalo BBQ Wings

Watching the game just wouldn’t be the same without wings. This easy recipe brings you that classic Buffalo-Blue flavor without the trip to upstate New York.

Sweet Sesame Wings

Serve these sweet, Asian-inspired wings alongside the traditional buffalo.

Tomatillo-Avocado Dip

Blend tomatillos and avocado for this stand-out twist on guacamole. Enjoy it with Our Kitchen’s homemade tortilla chips.

Smooth Simple Hummus

Homemade hummus comes together smoothly in a food processor, with chickpeas, fresh lemon juice, tahini and spices. Pair it with carrots and celery sticks.




By Berit Bancroft August 21, 2018

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We’re gearing up for football season and the Boston College Ball Kid of the Game Contest has arrived! Enter to win 4 tickets to the first Boston College Eagles game of the season vs UMass Minutemen and join the team on field during warm ups!

The game is Saturday, September 1st, you have until midnight on Tuesday, August 28th to enter. For ages 12 and under.

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NEW: Meal Maker Kits

By Berit Bancroft August 02, 2018

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On a busy weeknight, get dinner on the table quickly with our new Roche Bros. Meal Maker Kits.

With marinated meats, pre-cut vegetables and nearly all ingredients included, it’s an easy, low-prep meal kit solution, available in the store in our Meal Solutions Center. Each recipe takes only 10-20 minutes of prep work and serves two people. If you have a bigger crowd to feed, make more than one. And there’s no subscription required!

Try all five of our original recipes:

Cajun Chicken, Roasted Yukons and Spicy Sweet Peppers

Prep: 15 minutes  Roast: 20-30 minutes   Serves: 2

This kit comes complete with boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a fiery Cajun marinade. Top it with sautéed sweet peppers and onions, roasted Yukon potatoes on the side and a Cajun remoulade for sauce.



Chili-Lime Steak Fajitas

Prep: 20 minutes plus preheating   Roast: 15 minutes   Serves: 2

Zesty chili-lime marinated flap steak is ready to wrap in flour tortillas after cooking quickly in a hot saute pan, along with all the fixins included: peppers and onions, guacamole, sour cream and lime.

Maple-Walnut Crusted Salmon and Vegetables

Prep: 10 minutes  Roast: approximately 25 minutes  Serves: 2

Encrusted with mustard, chopped walnuts, maple syrup and dill, salmon becomes an elegant weeknight meal. It’s also roasted in the same pan with asparagus and diced sweet potatoes, making clean up a breeze, and served with Lemon Shallot Vinaigrette.


Pork Chops with Honey-Dijon Slaw and Smashed Potatoes

Prep: 10 minutes   Cook: 8 minutes   Serves: 2

Pork chops with a kale, cabbage and carrot slaw with honey-dijon dressing comes together in minutes with this quick preparation, paired with smashed red new potatoes cooked in the microwave and drizzled with butter to serve.

Pan-Seared Sirloin Steak with Zesty Parsnip Fries & Burst Tomato Topping

Prep: 10 minutes   Roast: 20 minutes   Serves: 2

A simple, pan-seared sirloin steak is served with parsnip fries tossed in oregano, garlic powder, lemon pepper, red pepper flakes, and Parmesan, and topped with a tomato mixture that bursts when heated in a hot skillet.





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Guide to Cinco de Mayo

By Berit Bancroft April 27, 2018

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Get ready for a complete Mexican fiesta for Cinco de Mayo with a visit to Roche Bros.

Here is a guide to making your celebration flavorful and festive:

Serve an array of dips and chips: Everyone loves a table full of chips and dips, especially on Cinco de Mayo. From fresh guacamole to pico de gallo, Our Kitchen has the Mexican dips covered. Or visit the produce section and pick up fresh Hass avocados to make your own.

Don’t forget the chips! Find your favorites in the grocery aisle, such as local Mi Nina All-Natural Tortilla Chips, or take it up a notch with our homemade chips. Make it fun and easy with our Build-Your-Own Nacho Kits, with pre-cooked, seasoned ground beef. Or make steak nachos with Carne Asada Marinated Skirt Steak from our Butcher Shop.

Set up a make-your-own taco bar: Give everyone at your party the chance to make tacos the way they like them with a taco bar. Serve up your choice of pulled chicken tacos, or try all three: Fiesta, Teriyaki Pineapple and BBQ-Corn. Add marinated seafood from the Seafood Department to the spread, with Chipotle Chipotle Cherry, Mango Coconut Pepper, and Sweet Chili Lime flavors. For toppings, there are many options, including fresh guacamole, sliced jalapeno, shredded cheese and more, so everyone can assemble their own. And find soft and hard taco shells in the grocery aisle.

Offer a festive main course: In the meat department, select from three Ready. Chef. Go! meal options with a Mexican flair, all ready to cook in a microwave or oven-safe bag.Choose fromChipotle Chicken Thighs with potatoes and asparagus, Baja Spiced Boneless Chicken Breast with summer squash, zucchini and red peppers, and Mojito Lime Chicken Kabobs with red onion and red and green peppers. Or go for a Mexican-inspired burger, with Certified Angus Beef Prime Grinds Beef & Chorizo Burgers.

Spice up your salads: From the deli, pick up our new Mexican Quinoa Salad. Mix up a black bean salad with chopped peppers, onions, cilantro, and lime. Make a spicy corn salad with corn with paprika, cayenne, lime juice and some mayonnaise. Or turn the taco bar into a taco salad bar with extra greens and veggies.

Pair it all with beer: Don’t forget the Mexican beer! From Corona to Dos Equis (XX), find a wide selection of options at Roche Bros. in Downtown Crossing, Sudbury, West Roxbury, Westwood, Marshfield and Wellesley.

Have a fun Cinco de Mayo celebration!





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What’s New In Store?

By Berit Bancroft April 20, 2018

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This season, we have all sorts of new items springing up all over the store. Here is a tour of the latest new items to try, on sale this week:

In our service meat case, find two new, mouthwatering flavors of our Certified Angus Beef Prime Grinds: Sundried Tomato, Basil & Cheese Burger and Beef & Chorizo Burger, ready for your next BBQ.

From the freezer in the meat section, pick up Sicilia’s Italian Meat Pies in Meat Lover’s or Spinach & Pepperoni flavor, for an easy Italian dinner.

In the freezer, GO WILD™ seafood comes directly from 100% certified sustainable fisheries, and is then hand-prepared into meal-sized portions. Select from cod or haddock to bake, broil, grill, sauté, pan-sear or fry.

From the seafood department, pick up Phillips Premium Crab Special or Lumb Crab Meat, to make crab cakes, salads, quesadillas, wraps, soups, and crab balls.

In the deli, find a menu of new fresh salads: Honey Pecan Chicken Salad with Grapes, Citrus Farro Salad with Mint & Feta, Golden Beet Slaw and Mexican Quinoa Salad.

Speaking of salad, for a limited time, Our Kitchen is offering Grilled Asparagus & Tomato Caprese Salad, as well as a Vietnamese Grilled Chicken Wrap.

For a snack, check out Red Rock Deli Potato Chips, made with Australian potatoes and available in unique flavors, such as Honey Soy Chicken or Lime and Black Pepper.

Top your favorite pasta with Mia’s Kitchen Pasta Sauces, natural sauces made with produce, herbs and olives grown in the Sonoma Valley, the heart of California’s Wine Country. Or change up your pasta with gluten-free Skinny Pasta. At 9 calories per serving, this pasta is made with konjac root.

Make an even quicker meal with Miracle Noodle Ready to Eat Meals, such as Vegan Pho or Pad Thai. These meals are gluten free, grain free, and paleo friendly, made with low-carb Shirataki Noodles, also made from the konjac root.

Spice up your dinner with Seeds of Change Simmer Sauces or Kraft Slow Cooker Sauce. Also try salad dressings and meal kits from the Food Network Kitchen.

And for an easy lunch, Cole’s Wild Premium Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil originated in the pristine waters of Cape Verde, where the sustainable fish are harvested, processed and packaged using traditional methods and recipes.

If you need help finding any of our new items or anything at all, please ask a store associate!





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Passover Menu Tips and Choices

By Dena Zigun March 23, 2018

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Whether you want to cook a spectacular Passover dinner yourself or take the meal home with you to heat and serve – or something in between – Roche Bros. has everything you need to make this Passover a special one. This year, Passover begins on the evening of March 30 with the first seder and continues through April 7.

Here’s what you need to know to plan your best seder menu yet, and to make your family’s meals throughout the whole eight-day holiday flavorful and easy:



Passover appetizers are full of tradition, and for many people, they’re the best part of the meal.

Take home Chopped Chicken Liver and Gefilte Fish, with a side of horseradish. The holiday just wouldn’t be the same without the aroma of Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls simmering on the stove.

You’ll also find all the matzo and matzo crackers you need – both regular and gluten-free – in our grocery department.



Whether you make your own or bring it home, you can’t go wrong with brisket as your Passover main course. Try our almond crusted or orange honey glazed chicken breasts to go with it.

Other traditional choices include roast chicken or turkey, and chicken breasts stuffed with matzo stuffing. Try our recipe for Whole Roasted Lemon-Thyme Chicken, with fresh-squeezed lemon and savory thyme. Find all of the main course meats you need for any recipe in Roche Bros.’ meat department – or take it with you, from Our Kitchen to your table.


Side Dishes

From fresh spring vegetable side dishes to traditional Passover accompaniments, your options are virtually endless.

In Our Kitchen, we’ll be roasting fingerling potatoes, as well as Brussels sprouts, and making our own Homemade Potato Kugel. We’ll be glazing carrots with maple syrup, grilling asparagus and making matzo stuffing, with mushrooms or spinach or plain and simple.

If you’re looking to make a colorful side dish, pair your chicken or brisket with a  rainbow of vegetables. Mix fresh sweet potatoes, red and yellow peppers, zucchini and onions, with olive oil and your choice of fresh herbs. Roast them slowly in the oven at a low temperature so they’ll come out bursting with beauty and flavor.


Just because everyday cakes and cookies aren’t part of the Passover tradition, that doesn’t mean you have to skip dessert. Roche Bros. has all sorts of great unleavened choices  to satisfy your family’s sweet tooth.

Find all flavors and sizes of macaroons in our bakery department. And steal the show with Our Own Flourless Chocolate Decadence Cake. This rich, fudgy creation will be the pinnacle of your meal and wow all of your guests. Bake your own dessert centerpiece with our recipe for a light and airy Mocha-Almond Meringue Cake with rich mocha filling.

The whole meal catered for you!

If you’re looking for a home-style Passover meal without all the work, order everything you need from Roche Bros. catering service by special order.

In addition to Roast Brisket as an entree, we are offering Stuffed Matzo Chicken Breasts with plain or spinach stuffing, and Roast Plainville Turkey, ready to heat and serve at home.

A full dinner for 8-10 people with the entrée of your choice includes the following: 1 pound of Chopped Chicken Liver or 8 pieces of Gefilte Fish, 3 quarts of Chicken Soup and 12 Matzo Balls, your choice of two 4-pound Side Dishes, and a Brownie and Macaroon Platter.

Happy Passover from all of us at Roche Bros!

We encourage ordering ahead to ensure availability. The order deadline is Tuesday, March 27th for pick-up beginning Thursday, March 29th, 2018, or you can place special orders through the end of Passover.

Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms are not kosher establishments.





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Sweet and Special Ways to Say ‘Be Mine’

By Dena Zigun February 07, 2018

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Say it with flowers: From traditional red roses to a cyclamen with heart-shaped leaves to bunches of tulips in cheerful colors, our floral department is stocked with ways to show your love. Find all sorts of gifts for everyone you care about, including Valentine’s Day balloons and TY Beanie Babies, too.

Impress your love by serving a romantic dinner without lifting a finger: Our chefs are behind the stove preparing everything you need to serve a romantic dinner for two. With specialties such as Bourbon Grilled Steak Tips and Seafood Stuffed Lobster Tails and side dishes, including roasted Brussels sprouts and individual potato gratin towers, all you have to do is heat and serve … and spend more time with your company!

Show off in your kitchen with Surf and Turf: Pair fresh seafood – such as Alaskan jumbo king crab legs or pan-seared scallops with a roasted or grilled Certified Angus Beef Tenderloin for a mouthwatering combination that is sure to be savored.

Share sweets with your sweetheart: Our Bakery is offering desserts from the heart … from heart-shaped all-butter shortbreads with pink sugar to a chocolate heart truffle cake to share. Find individual heart-shaped tarts with fresh raspberries and heart-shaped tarts with a bright blend of fresh fruit for a group. Add a chocolate-dipped strawberry or mini chocolate heart to the plate.

Sprinkle the table with Hershey’s Kisses for a fun effect or give your love a box of local Lake Champlain chocolates. And make it easy to say what you really mean with Necco Sweethearts.

Or give a gift of organic shortbread cookies from Rustic Bakery in pink and white boxes.

Toast with something sparkling. At select stores, choose from a wide variety of sparkling wines for a special way to say cheers with your Valentine, such as Tattinger Brut La Francaise, Ruffino Prosecco and many others. Select from other fine beer and wine, including biodynamic and organic wines from Flowers Vineyards and Winery, in our Downtown Crossing, Sudbury, West Roxbury, Westwood, Marshfield and Wellesley stores.

If you’re looking for anything else to make your Valentine’s Day celebration stand out, just ask a Roche Bros. associate. Happy Valentine’s Day!





Top 10 Ways to Add Flair to Your Christmas Celebrations

By Dena Zigun December 19, 2017

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It’s time for festive celebrations with friends, family and, of course, great food. Create new signatures that everyone will enjoy and remember with these tips:


Have quick bites ready when your guests arrive.

From bacon-wrapped fingerling potatoes to mini beef or chicken wellingtons, your celebration will be great from the first bite with tempting finger food ready and waiting – and easy to find in Our Kitchen. Also, choose from a wide variety of our own dips, including the popular Seven-Layer and Spinach & Artichoke selections.

Turn your cheese display into something festive and fruity!

Your cheese board will be merry with our Ready to Bake Brie topped with your choice of Apricot, Cinnamon Apple, or Fig & Ginger and wrapped in puff pastry.

Deepen flavor with fresh herbs.

Whether you’re serving a spiral cut ham, a Frenched rack of Berkshire Black pork or another show-stopping main course, give it flavor with fresh herbs. Add springs of thyme, sage or rosemary when you’re cooking meat or vegetables.

Make-your-own sauce.

Turn your home-cooked meal into a restaurant quality centerpiece with simply prepared homemade sauces. Make your sauce in the same pan you used to braise the meat, and deglaze the pan with stock or wine to get all the rich, flavorful bits into the finished product. Check out 4 tips for a better sauce in our Tidbits Magazine. Or change up a classic rib roast with a hot horseradish cream and a zip sauce, the sort of steak sauce you find in restaurants.

Elevate your menu by adding flavorful jams to your recipes.

Take your usual holiday recipes to a new level by stirring in some sweet or savory jam. Add a few spoonfuls of Stonewall Kitchen’s Roasted Garlic Onion Jam on the side of your cheese and crackers display, or use it to glaze green beans or carrots. For something sweet, fill butter cookies with Black Raspberry Jam or blend it with Balsamic Vinegar for a quick-and-easy sauce for pork or chicken.

Choose something new and seasonal for a standout side dish.

Serve your main course on top of mashed potatoes that aren’t basic. Add horseradish and roasted garlic or try our recipe for Caramelized Onion & Gruyere Mashed Potatoes. Find new twists on holiday sides made in our kitchen and ready-to-go, from Wild Rice & Kale Stuffing to Cauliflower Gratinee.

Make it fun for the kids.

The children at your celebration will have smiles on their faces – and will eat well, too – when you serve pizza cut into festive shapes with cookie cutters! Set up a cookie-decorating table to keep them busy while the food is cooking, with gingerbread cookies, icing and a variety of candies.

Give the day a sweet and spicy punch.

Get ready to toast with holiday punch! Stir up something sweet and sparkly with pear puree and Prosecco. A red wine punch with brandy, raspberries, oranges and lemons is sure to please a crowd. Or make it warm and spicy with apple cider, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves and allspice.


Bake up some little sweets.

Bite-size sweets and treats make dessert exciting, and they’re fun to make, too. Try our recipe for Apricot Linzer Cookies. Or make mini chocolate mousse cheesecakes and serve them with whipped cream and crushed peppermints on top!

Serve sweet, warm gingerbread … your way.

There’s something nostalgic about gingerbread. Find one type to add to your dessert table or serve a mix of gingerbread treats, from a loaf cake to trifle, with a trip to our bakery.


From all of us at Roche Bros., we wish you wonderful holiday celebrations!





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Our 65th Anniversary

By Dena Zigun October 13, 2017

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In honor of our anniversary as your locally owned and operated family supermarket, join us in celebrating 65 years of local food and local traditions. Find a wide array of great products sourced from all over the region, as part of our New England Cheese & Food Festival, now through Oct. 26th.

Start off your next celebration at home with a New England Cheese Board, featuring a selection of local cheeses. For an all-Massachusetts board, display Great Hill Creamery Blue Cheese from Marion, MA, Buzzard’s Bay Cheddar, and a Westfield Farms Goat Log.

Or sample some cheeses from throughout the region, including Chevre from Beltane Farms in Lebanon, CT, Raw Milk Cheddar from Brookford Farms in Canterbury, NH, and a Pineland Farms Monterey Jack Cheese Bar from New Gloucester, Maine.

Find a wide array of crackers and jams to add to your spread from Stonewall Kitchen.

Take home our own potato salad, a tradition ever since Bud Roche starting making it in 1978, and serve it with sandwiches made with local deli meats from Kayem and Pearl Brand.

For dinner, select from top-of-the-catch seafood from our fresh fish partner of many years, Foley Fish. Foley’s natural, wild-caught sea scallops from Georges Bank are sugar sweet, naturally, with a firm texture. These delectable scallops caramelize in the pan for a stunning plate presentation, simply cooked with butter, lemon and your favorite fresh herbs. Or try local, wild-caught Snapper Haddock, in our 4-ingredient recipe with tomatoes and basil.

Serve up a seasonal dinner straight from the cheese department with pumpkin ravioli made in Wellesley, drizzled with Boyajian Oil from Canton.

The produce section is always brimming with local flavor, from New England grown apples to Vermont Hydroponic tomatoes to FreshBox Farms hydroponic greens grown in Millis.

And, of course, it isn’t a celebration without cake! Join at your local Roche Bros. on Saturday, Oct. 14th from 11am-2pm.

We are proud of how much we’ve grown since 1952 and it means so much to us to carry on the family tradition with 20 stores across Eastern Massachusetts. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!





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Celebrate Oktoberfest

By Dena Zigun September 29, 2017

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From brats to beer and schnitzel to sauerkraut, the celebration of Oktoberfest highlights the flavors of fall with a European twist.

Enjoy a taste of this time-honored German tradition in the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to this celebration, the focus traditionally is the beer. And the key to the menu is that it has to pair nicely with beer, too. From Oktoberfest lagers to pale ales, find a wide selection of beer for the occasion at Roche Bros. in Downtown Crossing, Sudbury, West Roxbury, Westwood, Marshfield and Wellesley.

Get sophisticated with “beer cocktails” that capitalize on fall flavors. It isn’t a New England fall without something “pumpkin spice” on the menu. Blend pumpkin ale with warm, seasonal spices like nutmeg and cinnamon for a Pumpkin Shandy. For a beverage with a different style, stir a pale ale or Oktoberfest lager together with whiskey, brandy and the relaxing, floral notes of chamomile tea.

For the main course, serve up plump and juicy brats. Top them with sauerkraut and spicy mustard. Offer a classic chicken schnitzel, with boneless breasts of Roche Bros. Organic Chicken, pounded thin, coated in breadcrumbs and seasoning and cooked in a skillet until they’re golden brown. Or make pork roast the centerpiece, with our recipe for Brown Sugar-Mustard Pork Roast with Sauerkraut.

It wouldn’t be Oktoberfest without soft pretzels on the side. Try your hand at a homemade version, or visit the frozen section for an easy fix, and pick up some mustards for dipping.

Add a German-inspired potato salad to your spread, with smoky bacon and Dijon mustard.

End the party on a sweet note with German Chocolate Brownies, filled with chocolate, coconut flakes and chopped pecans.




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