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Celebrating Hanukah

By Dena Zigun December 06, 2017

With Hanukah kicking off on Tuesday, Dec. 12th, Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms are ready to help you enjoy the eight-night holiday.

One of the most symbolic things in the Hanukah story is oil. That’s because one day’s worth of oil kept the ancient temple’s menorah lit for a miraculous eight days.

In addition to traditional potato latkes, made with russet potatoes and fried in oil, celebrate with some of these great ways to cook with olive oil:

If you want to serve the traditional foods without all the mess and time in your kitchen, stop by the Roche Bros. deli for traditional choices from potato pancakes to chopped liver. Our Kitchen is cooking up nostalgic favorites, including chicken soup with matzo balls, brisket, noodle kugel, and our homemade potato latkes, as well as new items such as almond-crusted chicken. Be sure to bring home apple sauce and sour cream to go with them, or change it up by making your own fruit compote with apples and pears.

We will have traditional Hanukah items available in our stores through to the last night of Hanukah.

Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms are not kosher establishments, but we do have an assortment of kosher grocery items from manufacturers including Kedem, Manischewitz, Paskesz and Rokeach. Find them in the grocery aisle!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful celebration of the Festival of Lights!