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A Variety of Apples

FEATURED PRODUCE: A Variety of Apples

It’s officially fall in New England and that means it’s time for everything apple! Our produce department is brimming with apples of all sorts. Here’s our guide to some of our favorite varieties of this fall fruit.



A popular lunch-box apple that’s also good for cooking, McIntosh apples have a tart flavor, red and green skin and tender white flesh. They ripen in late September, so now is the prime time for Macs.



A breed of apple that combines McIntosh with another variety known as Ben Davis, Cortlands are a bit sweeter, with a distinctive white flesh. They’re ideal dessert apples, suited for making applesauce and apple crisp.



With a sweet and mild flavor, these popular apples are versatile, for salads, snacking and baking. They are firm and crisp, with a thinner skin than most apples and a slightly yellow or creamy looking interior flesh.



Macoun apples are a cross between the McIntosh and Jersey Black varieties. Their juicy, white, firm flesh boasts just the right balance between sweet and tart flavors.


Granny Smith

With its light green skin, the Granny Smith green apple has a juicy flesh. The yellower the apple, the more acidic, but as they turn more green, the flavor becomes more balanced. Granny Smiths are popular eaten raw and baked into apple pie.


Golden Delicious

Known for their characteristic yellowish-green skin, Golden Delicious apples are very sweet to the taste. They’re also delicate, so be sure to handle these apples with care. Slice them into salads or make them into apple butter.



Ripe for eating raw, Honeycrisp apples bring a balanced combination of sweet and tart flavor and a firm texture. These apples have bigger cells than most apples, and when you take a bite, that means it will be extra-juicy.


Envy & Jazz

There are also some new apples on the block! Envy and Jazz are two recent additions to the apple menu, both blends of Braeburn and Royal Gala.

Envy is an apple with outstanding eating quality, delicate sweetness, gorgeous crimson exterior and unusual resistance to browning when cut.

With a tangy-sweet zing and vibrant crunch, Jazz is great for fresh snacking, salads and recipes.


Discover these apple varieties and more in the produce department at Roche Bros.