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Autumn Floral Arrangements

FEATURED ITEM: Autumn Floral Arrangements

As the leaves change color, it’s a beautiful time to integrate the colors of fall into your home décor.

Instead of a traditional vase, select a fresh pumpkin as the container for your next floral arrangement. From sugar pumpkins to mini pumpkins in orange or white, the vessel you choose can really elevate the beauty of your centerpiece.

Inside the pumpkin, arrange poms or other fresh cut flowers in fall tones for a full, vibrant look, or keep it fresh and green with a selection of succulents.

For plants or fresh flowers, fall means all sorts of great seasonal accents. We love adding wheat, cattails, oak leaves and raffia palms to vases or baskets full of plants and blooms.

From local grower, Olson’s Greenhouses of Raynham, enjoy mums, or chrysanthemums, a highlight of fall gardens, walkways and homes. Their blooms last for weeks and they are plentiful, filling planters with bright colored flowers. If you are willing to wait for blooms and want them to last even longer, select plants just as they start to break bud. Experts in Roche Bros. floral department can help you see what color they will become.

All of our floral designers are ready to help you design the custom autumn arrangement you’re seeking. We look forward to serving you.