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Baked Brie


A delicious treat for you and all of your guests, our traditional ready-to-bake Brie is covered in a flaky pie crust.

It’s an appetizer that impresses everyone and is as delectable as it looks! If you have a lot of hungry guests, you might want to keep two of them on hand. Bake and serve with our bakery’s own crusty baguettes or your favorite crackers. Select from a wide array of toppings that run the gamut from sweet to savory: apricot, raspberry, apple pie filling, cinnamon apple, fig and honey mustard. Or just keep it simple with no topping at all.

And new from our cheese department, make a statement with an individual baked brie for each guest at your table! We are offering them in three of our most popular flavors: fig, apricot and cinnamon apple

Want to make your own? With pecans and brown sugar, our recipe for Holiday Brie in Puff Pastry is sure to please. Or make a personal, mini baked brie for each guest at your party, flavored with fig paste.