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Bantam Bagels Now Makes Mini Stuffed Pancakes

FEATURED ITEM: Bantam Bagels Now Makes Mini Stuffed Pancakes

A twist on a classic breakfast favorite, the new Bantam Pancakes are stuffed with luscious cream and are all under 100 calories each.

Available in the freezer section, these mini, stuffed pancakes are great for a delicious breakfast on-the-go!

Try these six flavors:

Blueberry: Blueberry Pancake stuffed with Fresh Lemon Cream

Chocolate Chip: Chocolate Chip Pancake stuffed with Maple Butter Cream

Homestyle: Plain Pancake stuffed with Buttered Maple Cream

Apple Cinnamon: Apple Cinnamon Pancake stuffed with Buttered Maple Cream

Strawberry Shortstack: Strawberry Pancake stuffed with Lemon Cream

Banana Praline: Banana Praline Pancake stuffed with Buttered Maple Cream

The pancakes are the latest brainchild of Needham, MA, native ElyseOleksak and her husband Nick, co-founders of Bantam Bagels. Graduates of Columbia University who spent years in fast-paced jobs on Wall Street, they never thought that a bagel company would be the next step. After the idea for mini stuffed bagels came to Nick in a dream, they jumped at a chance to bake them. They baked the first batch a day later! After hundreds of test batches made in their Brooklyn apartment, they zeroed in on the right recipe and the Bantam Bagel was born.

Try the pancakes – and the bagels – at your local Roche Bros. store.