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Boston Bakes: Our Own Homemade Cookies

It’s time for Boston’s sweetest charity. Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer is a year event running through the week leading up to Mother’s Day. The centerpiece of the charity is to use delicious desserts to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and care.

Our entry for Boston Bakes is our Home Made Chocolate Chip cookies. With a soft interior and crispy outer edge, they’re the best cookie that our Bakery Department has to offer, and when you buy a package between now and May 6th, 100% of the proceeds go to Boston Bakes.

Money raised from Boston Bakes is shared with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (80%) for breast cancer research and the 501(c)3 nonprofit, Bakes for Breast Cancer (20%). Boston Bakes raises close to $80,000 a year, thanks to the sales of 11,000 desserts, and has raised over $700,000 since it’s inception.

We’re excited to be able to take part in this incredible charity event, and to be able to offer our customers a delicious product for a great cause.