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Breakfast with Granola, Dried Fruit and more…

FEATURED ITEM: Breakfast with Granola, Dried Fruit and More…

High in whole grains, crunch and flavor, granola is an easy ingredient to make part of your daily breakfast.

Here are some great ways to enjoy granola every morning:


1) Layer granola with yogurt and fresh fruit for a breakfast parfait.


2) Add granola to your pancakes for a boost in flavor and texture.


3) Make it into a morning muffin topping! Pulse room temperature butter, granola, sugar and flour in a food processor and sprinkle it on top of muffins before baking.


4) Keep it simple! Eat granola like you would any cereal … in a bowl with cold milk.


5) Peel and slice a banana. Roll the slices in granola and eat! Dip in dark chocolate for a sweeter breakfast treat.


6) Stir some granola into plain oatmeal for added crunch.