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A traditional star of the Rosh Hashanah celebration, brisket is a meat that becomes melt-in-your-mouth tender when you cook it slowly in liquid.

It’s a long cooking process, but you don’t have to do very much while it’s cooking.  If you’re braising it in the oven, you can baste it every hour or so, and it will still come out great even if you forget! Or let the whole process happen in a slow cooker.

Resist the urge to trim the fat off of the raw meat. Fat helps make the brisket moist and tender, instead of dry and stringy. Trim the fat or skim it from the liquid after the brisket is cooked.

For traditional seasoning, prepare your brisket with a blend of fresh herbs, a can of tomatoes, fresh carrots, garlic and red wine. Or season the meat with a couple of teaspoons each of dry mustard and paprika and a teaspoon each of salt and garlic powder, plus black pepper to taste.

For even more flavor packed into one bottle, try our Brothers Marketplace Honey Red Chili Rub or Coffee Chili Pepper Rub! Then add onions chopped in rings and sliced mushrooms, plus some water, to your roasting pan or slow cooker.

No matter how you prepare it, if you cook it slowly, the result will be a brisket that will keep all of your guests coming back for more.