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Carlson’s Apple Cider

Featured Item: Carlson Orchards’ Apple Cider

What single item embodies the taste and flavor of the fall season in New England more than anything else? You probably thought apple cider – Carlson’s cider to be exact. In a recent article, The Harvard Press took a look inside Carlson’s production facility in Leominster, MA to see just what makes their cider the best.

In 2011, Steve Rowse, president of New England Apple Products, purchased the family owned Carlson Orchards apple cider business and relocated their operation to a new facility in Leominster. Moving to a new location is never easy, and doing it on Labor Day heading into peak production season is another challenge all together, but in an unprecedented show of customer loyalty, every single customer decided to wait for Carlson’s during the move, rather than purchase a competitor’s product.

What makes Carlson’s cider generate that level of consumer loyalty? The answer is simple in principal, but excessively difficult to master: Freshness. By utilizing 21st century technology to complement traditional methods of production, Carlson’s presses the cider one day, and then ships directly to their customers the next. This means that the cider you buy on our shelves was pressed as recently as the previous day. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!

Now in their third season at their Leominster location, Rowse and co. are finally beginning to settle in to their new home. With the move in 2011, and an apple shortage putting a damper on production in 2012, this year’s generous apple harvest has marked a dramatic increase in volume from the past two seasons. While there may be an excess of apples this season, there’s no excess of cider – Carlson’s customers just can’t get enough!

Enjoy the full Harvard Press article here, and pick up some Carlson’s Cider in the produce section of your local Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms today!