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Chabaso Ciabatta Bread

FEATURED ITEM: Chabaso Ciabatta Bread

Chabaso’s handcrafted breads are hearth-baked in European ovens according to old world traditions. Wholesome ingredients are mixed into doughs using the age-old techniques of artisan bakers.

Long fermentation times develop great flavors and textures, and special ovens ensure thin crusts, chewy, moist interiors, and authentic flavors.

Chabaso’s Ciabatta Breads have a golden, slightly chewy crust with a satiny moist interior. Its porous ivory crumb is perfect for sopping up sauces, soups and olive oil.

Cut thick, it makes delicious sandwiches or Paninis. Hearth-baked in their European ovens, the ciabattas become a balance of crunchy outside and soft and aromatic inside. Originally developed in the Apulia region of Italy, this yeast-leavened loaf is called Ciabatta, which literally means “slipper” — in reference to its distinctive free-form shape.

In our bakery, select from Olive Oil – made with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt – and Roasted Garlic – with sweet caramelized garlic blended with extra-virgin olive oil.

They’re ready to pair with any meal or enhance any sandwich!