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Chinese New Year Specialties

Featured Produce: Chinese New Year Specialties

The Chinese New Year is here, and Roche Bros.’ produce department has everything you need to bring traditional specialties – plus good luck and prosperity – to your dinner table!

Commemorate the Year of the Dog with your favorite Chinese vegetables. Stir-fry ginger and sesame oil with snap peas, Napa cabbage and bok choy for a delicious side dish. Add Asian noodles, considered a symbol of a long life, to make it an entree. And make the meal complete with Nasoya tofu products, such as Sprouted Tofu Plus or Baked Tofu.

Or wrap your veggies together with this recipe for homemade egg rolls, a symbol of wealth. Then, enhance your dinner plate with soy or teriyaki sauce, and many other Asian condiments, featured in our grocery department.

Your celebration of the Lunar New Year isn’t complete without citrus fruits, typically used as decorations and given as gifts to friends, family members and colleagues. Enjoy Mandarin oranges, a symbol of wealth, and serve tangerines for good luck. Or, for something a little different, try yellow-green-fleshed pummelos – with a taste similar to grapefruit – for abundance and prosperity. You can find these citrus varieties and more in our produce department!