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Cooking For Mom With The Kids

FEATURED ITEM: Cooking for Mom with the Kids


This Mother’s Day, have fun cooking with the kids to create something special for mom!

Here are some tips for dads who want to engage the kids in making something in the kitchen to celebrate mom:

  • Show the kids a few recipe options on RocheBros.com, Pinterest or your favorite recipe site and let them choose what to make. Choose recipes that have mixing time or decorating time so the kids can enjoy and be a part of it.
  • Make breakfast in bed for mom. Include her favorite preparation of eggs, or make this recipe for a Farmhouse Frittata that everyone can share. Let the kids arrange all the meal components on her breakfast tray. Remember to add a flower!
  • Serve up French Toast for breakfast and let the kids cut it into shapes like hearts or flowers with cookie cutters.
  • Add a beautiful, striped parfait to her breakfast tray! The kids can be in charge of assembling the parfaits in layers, with yogurt, berries and granola.
  • For any meal, give the kids a chance to come up with ideas for adding color to brighten up mom’s day. You can help guide them with some suggestions. Try a blend of berries or balls of melon on a dessert or breakfast plate. For a savory dish or salad, add pomegranate seeds or dried cranberries.
  • Make a full dinner without any work! Try a Ready Chef Go! dinner from our meat department, including the main course and veggies. It will cook in minutes in the microwave, so you and the kids can spend time making dessert or decorating the table.
  • Teach kids the fun and flavor of cooking and decorating with fresh herbs. Have them tear off and sprinkle mint leaves to garnish berries, dessert or even water. Add savory herbs to an omelet or scramble.
  • Help the kids host an afternoon tea party for mom. Make simple “tea” sandwiches with spreads like jam and Nutella. Let the kids do the spreading! And help them arrange the sandwiches on a platter. The kids can choose the tea flavor for each person and you can pour the hot water.
  • For dessert, work with the kids to make a lemon or chocolate mousse. Cut off the corner of a closed plastic baggie to pipe the mousse into a bowl or make designs on a plate and sprinkle berries on top.

Have a great Mother’s Day!