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Cooking Leg of Lamb

FEATURED MEAT: Cooking Leg of Lamb

Leg of lamb is tender when roasted in the oven or grilled. The meat readily takes on the flavor of the chef’s choice of spice rub or herbs. Try it for a celebration or for a weekday meal that’s easier than you realize, with leftovers ready for lunchtime sandwiches or dinner the next day!

Bone-in or boneless?

The benefit of bone-in leg of lamb is the flavor it adds to the meat while it’s cooking. The only challenge to a bone-in leg is carving the meat around the bone, so if you want simple slicing, opt for boneless.

Herbs & spices or a marinade?

Lamb is so tender to begin with that it doesn’t require a marinade. Rub it with oil and add a spice rub or fresh rosemary and garlic. If you want to marinate it, leave it in the marinade for no more than two or three hours before cooking.

What temperature and for how long?

Our recipe for Leg of Lamb with Sweet Caramelized Onions and Peppers calls for roasting in a 325ºF oven or grilling.

How long to cook a leg of lamb depends on your desired degree of doneness. We like our lamb medium-rare, so it’s just a little pink in the center. On a meat thermometer, you’re looking at 145ºF for medium-rare, 160ºF for medium and 170ºF for well done.

What else to serve?

Leg of lamb goes well with all sorts of side dishes. Serve it with roasted Yukon gold potatoes with herbs. Add some green to the plate with peas scented with mint or grilled asparagus. Or make it a Greek-themed dinner with Our Kitchen’s Lemon Orzo on the side!