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Cooking With Kids!

FEATURED ITEM: Cooking With Your Kids

Cooking is a great life skill to teach your kids.

Make it fun — and educational — for your kids to get involved in the kitchen action with these tips:

  • Be ready for a mess! Cooking can a mess even for adults, and adding kids into the equation means more mess. Embrace the mess the work together to clean it up when you’re done.
  • Teach kids about food safety. Make sure they wash their hands with soap and water before beginning and in between touching raw and cooked foods. Tie back long hair and remind kids not to touch their hair … or their noses! And always use a clean spoon to taste any creation in progress. Also be sure they know what’s safe to taste raw and what isn’t.
  • Show the kids how to hold a knife properly. Let them each use their own plastic knife or a butter knife to keep things safe, depending on their ages. Give them soft foods to cut, such as pieces of melon, strawberries or a quarter of an apple.
  • Take them shopping and encourage them to choose ingredients for what they want to make. Select a color and let them make foods to match, to help vary the produce and flavors. Help them find new things to try and go down new aisles of the supermarket.
  • Choose recipes for food the kids will enjoy eating and that include steps they can do themselves, including mixing, measuring (great for working on math!), cracking eggs and assembling. Let them mix and match their favorite deli selections, cheeses, spreads and breads and cut them into stackable shapes in this recipe for Sandwich Skewers. Or try this fun menu of healthy snacks, such as Banana Boats with creamy nut butter and sunflower seeds or Frozen Yogurt Bites in ice cube trays with blueberries.
  • Remember that the most important thing is to make it fun! Leave the stress outside the kitchen and enjoy the time making something delicious with your kids.