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Coop’s MicroCreamery Hot Fudge

Featured Item: Coop’s Hot Fudge

Good hot fudge is hard to come by – or at least it is until you discover Coop’s MicroCreamery Hot Fudge.  Made locally in Watertown, Massachusetts, Coop’s holds their Hot Fudge to the highest possible standard, going as far as to use only the finest European chocolate, and the best local dairy products available. This dedication to their craft has earned them praise from Cooking Light Magazine, who calls their Hot Fudge “mind-blowing” in their November 2013 issue.

Cooking Light goes on to say, This super-rich, throat-catching chocolate sauce is indulgent, thick, and luscious…it tastes just like what you hope for in a hot fudge and has that sneak-just-a-spoonful every- night quality about it”.

They’re not kidding, and the people over at Coop’s know it. They’re so confident that they have literally gone to the ends of the Earth to show it off by visiting places such as Rapa Nui on Easter Island, Cambodia, and Turkey. Thankfully, you won’t have to travel that far to try some!