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Decorate New Dorm Rooms with Plants

FEATURED FLORAL: Decorate New Dorm Rooms with Plants

Encourage kids of all ages to have a great year back to school with plants and flowers.

Brighten up your favorite student’s college dorm room with plants. They’re not just beautiful. Indoor plants help clean the air!

Plants’ natural process of feeding themselves through photosynthesis essentially cleans the air by not only absorbing carbon dioxide but also other pollutants. By giving your college student plants for their room, you’re making them happier and healthier.

Indoor bamboo plants are especially popular and are said to bring good luck. Mist them daily for best growth. Select from a wide array of other plant options in the Roche Bros. floral department. Arrange a few small plants on the window sill or a larger one in the corner of the room.

Stop by to see all of our bouquets and fresh cut flowers, too. Any student will appreciate a brightly colored back-to-school bouquet to match their school’s colors!