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Eggs for Spring Holidays

FEATURED GROCERY: Eggs for Spring Holidays

An ancient symbol of new life and the rebirth of spring, eggs are a tradition on both Easter and Passover.

For Passover you’ll find them hard-boiled, both at the Passover Seder celebration and throughout the holiday, or pan-fried with matzo for a traditional dish known as matzo brei.  At Easter brunch, eggs are featured in all sorts of dishes, and of course you’ll see them hard-boiled and decorated for a traditional hunt in the yard.

A great source of protein and easy to prepare, eggs are so versatile that you can serve them at any meal, any day of the week. Of course, they are always available in all types and sizes at Roche Bros.

This Easter, delight your brunch guests with a frittata, an egg-based Italian dish that is sometimes known as an open-faced omelette. Beat a dozen eggs, and then mix in your choice of vegetables, herbs or other ingredients. Try roasted cauliflower and mushrooms with fresh thyme, or sauteed asparagus with tomato and goat cheese. The options are only limited by your taste and creativity!

Cook the mixture on the stovetop over low heat until it is almost set and the top is still runny. Finish cooking your frittata in the oven under the broiler.  You can also move the frittata into the oven sooner and bake it until it’s done.

Slice and serve warm with a mixed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette as part of your Easter buffet!