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Enjoying Mexican Beer

FEATURED ITEM: Enjoying Mexican Beer

Find a wide selection of Mexican beers for Cinco de Mayo or any celebration at select Roche Bros. stores. Here is our guide to the options:

Corona Extra and Corona Light: A light lager pilsner, Corona Extra has a mild flavor with a touch of hop bitterness. Serve it in the bottle with a lime dropped inside. The light version has a similar, traditional taste with 30% fewer calories.

Negra Modelo: Known in Mexico as the “cream of beers,” this dark beer is known to be exceptionally smooth.

Modelo Especial: The first beer produced by the Modelo brewer in 1925, this lager beer has a slightly richer, fuller taste than Corona.

Ambar Dos Equis (XX) and Dos Equis (XX): The Ambar version of Dos Equis was initially produce by a German brewer in 1897, and sold under the name Siglo XX, in commemoration of the then-new 20th Century. It was originally a Vienna-style dark beer. Dos Equis is a light, hoppy lager beer based on the Ambar variety.

Pacifico: A light and refreshing beer, this Mexican pilsner was originally brewed in Mazatlan.

Tecate: First brewed in Baja California at a brewery in the town of Tecate, this medium lager boasts a sharp, strong taste. It was the first beer to be sold in cans in Mexico.