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Family Businesses

From their family, through our family, to your family

In a day and age when most of what is purchased at a grocery store are products of large, multi-national corporations, it’s nice to know that there are some privately owned options. Roche Bros. is committed to bringing you those options and supporting other family owned businesses.

Gifford’s Ice Cream, started in Maine in 1980, is a family-owned business like Roche Bros. With a commitment to uncompromising quality, Gifford’s has been the recipient of several national ice cream awards. The company, which has five ice cream stands throughout Maine, also sells to novelty grocers in New Jersey, New York, and New England. Gifford’s also has a commitment to the youth of its community, offering free ice cream vouchers to kids involved in almost any organized activity.

Started in a small space with a couple of ovens in Wells, Maine, When Pig’s Fly Bakery has opened five storefronts across New England and sells to several grocers including Roche Bros. On busy days, the 60 employees of the privately owned business produce more than 12,000 loaves of bread. When Pig’s Fly takes pride in their commitment to add no extra fat or preservatives to its products. They sell a variety of classic and artisan breads.

Amy’s Frozen Food is an all-in-the-family business, as well. Amy’s sells a variety of frozen products from specialty pizzas to non-dairy ice cream. The family started growing frozen food in the 1950s, long before its wide popularity. Amy’s has also made the non-GMO commitment which means that they do not use genetically modified ingredients in any of their products. Based in California and a supplier of fine, organic frozen food throughout the United States and Europe, Amy’s top-sellers are their bean & cheese burritos cheese enchiladas.

There are more food vendors than you might guess that have a commitment to quality, fair price, and reasonable expansion that are also privately owned and operated. Stop into Roche Bros. to try these products and learn about more!