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Homemade Cheese Spreads

Featured Cheese: Homemade Spreads

Combining fresh cream cheese, gourmet cheese selections, and our favorite seasonings, the Roche Bros. homemade cheese spreads are one of our cheese department’s signature items.  From our best-selling Cheddar-Blue Spread, to Spicy Gouda, blazing Buffalo and sweet Chutney, we have a cheese spread for every palate.  We debuted our Fig Spread this past holiday season and brought joy to many a feast.  Our newest offering – Horseradish Cheddar – makes a bold statement, and takes a roast beef sandwich up to a whole new level.

Around the Roche Bros. office, a gift of homemade cheese spread is one of our favorite ways to ask for a favor or show our appreciation.  We love ‘em on Triscuits or cut veggies for a snack, mixed in to steamed veggies to make them exciting, or heaped on to chicken or fish for a tasty dinner.