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Natural Deli Selections

Featured Deli: Natural Deli Selections

At Roche Bros., we are always looking for new ways to offer our customers the best quality food available – with plenty of variety, and great service to help you choose just the right option.  That is why we are delighted to offer our new Roche Bros. Natural Deli Selections.  Made with wholesome, best quality ingredients, our Natural Deli Selections are all free from antibiotics, MSG, nitrates, phosphates, and carrageenan.

Where do these selections come from? Roche Bros. has partnered with some of our most trusted vendors including Plainville Farms, Al Fresco, and Applegate to bring you delicious and healthy Natural Deli Meats.  Stop by our Deli Service Counter, and we would be delighted to offer you a taste and slice your deli meat to order.



Vendor Story: Plainville Farms

Experts in farming since 1835, Plainville Farms was one of the first turkey companies in the country to humanely grow healthy and great-tasting turkeys with natural, time-tested methods refined over six generations of farming. Originating in the rolling hills of Central New York, the company’s reputation for growing turkeys humanely and free of antibiotics raised the bar for others in the industry. Plainville Farms’ growing methods drew attention not only from Roche Bros., but also from a growing base of customers concerned about where their food comes from and how the animals are treated.

Just like in 1835, Plainville Farms turkeys still have plenty of room to roam (although a bit less drafty than those early days). And their food is plainly vegetarian with plenty of well water. They are raised free from any added antibiotics – still old fashioned in that regard.

Roche Bros. is proud to offer Plainville Farms turkey products to our consumers.  You will find their products sliced to order in our Deli case, and available from our Meat Department for you to serve at home.  Just another way we help you provide your family with the best.