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Featured Grocery: Crystal Farms Cheeses

Tucked away in the heart of America’s dairyland, Crystal Farms makes smooth and creamy cheeses the whole family will love.  These cheese makers count every hole in the Swiss, and age the cheddar 60-days for just the right blend of flavor and bite.  Boston’s own Phantom Gourmet recently tested shredded cheeses, and Crystal Farms pulled in an impressive finish ahead of several well-known national competitors in a blind taste test.  Taste testers noted that Crystal Farms “shreds have a bit more color and a whole lot more flavor than the previous contenders.  This lesser known brand deserves a bigger chunk of the cheese market.”

Crystal Farms has its roots in the dreams of two immigrant families who came to this country to make a better life. Along the way, they also ended up making better food. In the 1920s, Nathan Friedell migrated from Russia and started Nathan’s Produce Company. In the ’30s, Julius Rosenberg also came to America from Russia and started his own egg business. Through their dedication to hard work and quality, both companies thrived and eventually merged in the 1970s – selling eggs, cheese and other dairy products under the Crystal Farms brand.

Looking for some great recipes with Crystal Farms that your family will love?  Try some Cheddar & Bacon Potato Salad, Cheesy Hash Browns, or Farmhouse Fritatta for a meal what will keep the family at the table until the cows come home.