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Block Island Swordfish

FEATURED ITEM: Block Island Swordfish

Caught at the peak of the season, our Block Island Swordfish is the ideal centerpiece for a romantic dinner for two. This full-flavored fish with a moist flesh is caught between July and November north of the Block Island line from Canada through Rhode Island. There the swordfish feast on bluefish, herring and mackerel to beef up for the winter months after a spring swim up from the Gulf. Our seafood partner Foley Fish then freezes this special fish, exclusively for Roche Bros., preserving their peak flavor and exceptional moistness.

For a simple and delicious preparation, marinate it lemon juice, white wine and soy sauce and then grill it. Or encrust it with peppercorns, herbs and butter for a fancier dish. Pan-sear it and then finish by roasting it in the oven. Looking for even more flair?  Try this favorite recipe from Laura Foley Ramsden – Native Swordfish with Tomato Salsa and Coulis, or for more information on why now is the best time to eat local, New England Swordfish watch Laura in this video on NECN.com.