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FEATURED ITEM: Farm Raised Salmon

FEATURED ITEM: Farm Raised Salmon

It is easy to assume that all Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon are of the same quality and flavor. But Roche Bros. Farm Raised Salmon is a cut above the rest. From our seafood partner, Foley Fish, we bring you the highest quality, firmest textured, freshest and most flavorful Atlantic salmon produced anywhere.

There are four major factors that differentiate one Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon from another: gene pools, farming practices, harvesting and slaughtering techniques and the packing and travel time of the finished product.

Foley pays attention to detail every step of the way, from the hatchery to the final shipping of the product, ensuring high quality, delicious salmon that was swimming the day before it was shipped to our stores. In addition, the farms that deliver to Foley test their salmon regularly for PCBs to ensure the healthfulness of each fish.

Enjoy this heart-healthy, omega-3 fatty-acid-rich fish grilled with lemon, fresh herbs and oil, or glaze it with mustard and maple syrup from our grocery department and bake it in the oven!