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Featured Item: Lake Champlain Chocolates

FEATURED ITEM: Lake Champlain Chocolates

At holiday time, restaurant owner Jim Lampman had a tradition of buying fancy chocolates to give to his staff in Burlington, VT. Then at Christmas time in 1983, Jim’s pastry chef came clean that he really didn’t care for those chocolates.  And how did Jim respond? He challenged him to make better ones.

The result was a batch of hand-rolled truffles so smooth and creamy that after just one bite, Jim knew they were onto something.

Within a year the restaurant was sold, and Lake Champlain Chocolates was born. In the more than thirty years since then, what started with chocolate truffles has grown to include hot chocolate gifts, organic chocolate, sea salt caramels and many other treats.
Lake Champlain Chocolates are made with fresh Vermont cream, sweet local butter, honey from the hive and pure maple syrup. These irresistible chocolates are kosher certified, with no additives or shelf extenders. And the company’s goal is to use 100% non-GMO ingredients by 2015.

Discover many varieties of Lake Champlain Chocolates in our cheese department!  Buy a heart-shaped box of truffles or a bag of individually wrapped chocolate hearts for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.