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Featured Item: Veggie and Fruit Juicing Kits

FEATURED ITEM:Veggie & Fruit Juicing Kits

Stay healthy this winter with our new juicing kits, available in the produce department.

Roche Bros. makes it easy for you to get the nutrients from a variety of fruits and vegetables by chopping and packaging them in a convenient 32-oz. kit. With options that include all veggie, all fruit or a mix of the two, all you have to do is choose your favorite flavors, toss everything into your juicer or blender, and voila! You have the fresh juice you want without any of the hassle.

Try an all veggie option with kale, carrots, celery and beets, or make apple-blueberry-strawberry-pineapple juice with an all-fruit kit. And you can get your fruit and vegetables at the same time with a kit of kale, carrots, berries and pineapple. Check your local Roche Bros. each week for new and refreshing flavors!