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FEATURED MEAT: Plainville Organic Ground Turkey


FEATURED MEAT: Plainville Organic Ground Turkey

When you serve Plainville Farms turkey, you know your family is getting the very best.  And don’t forget that turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving!

Plainville Farms Organic Ground Turkey is made from organic turkeys that are raised year-round. To be labeled as certified organic, a turkey must be free-range, antibiotic-free and fed a vegetarian diet containing grains that are certified organic. Certified organic grains are free of synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers, free of genetically modified organisms and grown on farmland that has been chemical free for at least three years. An organic turkey also must be minimally processed, with no artificial ingredients.

There are no two ways around it — this turkey is healthful, simply delicious and versatile! Make it Italian night with turkey meatballs served with pasta and tomato sauce, or go Mexican with turkey tacos with salsa and Roche Bros.’ own guacamole. Or try our favorite recipe for Ground Turkey Chili.