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Seatrace Program

Featured Seafood: Seatrace Program

We know our customers want to know more about where their food comes from, and how it gets to their plates.  Through our groundbreaking SeaTrace program, Roche Bros. is the first supermarket in the country where you can trace the daily catch all the way back to the boat.

At each of our seafood counters, you can find a SeaTrace sign, with QR (Quick Response) for each species featured today.  By scanning the QR code, you can see a photo of the fishing boat, the location fished, and even a description of the fishing gear used.  There’s a lot more information in store as well, including a sustainability video and a brochure to help you learn how your seafood selections are sustainably fished and naturally processed.

We hope the new Sea Trace program will also encourage you to also support local fisherman – many of whom shop in our Roche Bros. stores.

At Roche Bros. we have always been committed to offering responsibly harvested seafood. We are excited to now be able to better communicate that commitment to you, beginning with an unparalleled level of traceability from the store all the way back to the boat.



Vendor Story: Foley Fish

Since 1980, the M. F. Foley Fish Company has been the sole supplier of fresh fish to Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms. We’re in good company. Foley Fish supplies some of the top restaurants and hotel chains in the country, including Ritz Carlton Hotels, Morton’s Steak Houses, Blue Ginger and the Boston Harbor Hotel.

Laura Foley Ramsden and Peter Ramsden are the fourth generation owners of The M.F. Foley Fish Company. Located in Boston and New Bedford, the company was founded by Laura’s great grandfather, M.F., in 1906.  Laura and Peter took over the reins in 2005 with the mission of continuing a 101 year legacy for quality fish. The Foley Company from top down is almost religious in their commitment to providing customers like Roche Bros. with the freshest, most flavorful fish – not the best available, the best, period. Even in times of tight supply, Foley Fish would rather walk away from a harvest of mediocre fish than risk providing Foley customers with anything less than top notch, differentiable seafood. Consistency is a hallmark of the Foley credo.

The education and training program, known as “Foley Fish School” was born under the leadership Laura’s father, Mike Foley. Mike recognized the highly perishable nature of seafood and that it must be handled properly each step of the way lest the “just caught flavor” be lost before reaching the consumer. Laura worked with her father Mike to have the Foley School of Fish accredited by the American Culinary Federation Educational Institute. The Foley School of Fish trains Roche Bros. Seafood Specialists and restaurant chefs from across the country in all aspects of seafood handling from hook to skillet.

Laura and Peter partner regularly with Roche Bros. to develop new seafood offerings, groundbreaking programs like SeaTrace, and delicious recipes for customers like you.  Summer is a great time to try Laura’s Native Swordfish with Fresh Tomato Salsa and Yellow Tomato Coulis!