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Fenway Franks

FEATURED DELI: Fenway Franks

The Fenway Frank. It’s the Official Hot Dog of the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park, and now you can enjoy them at home after a quick stop in the Roche Bros. deli department.

With a special blend of beef and pork, these hot dogs will take your evenings watching the Red Sox game in the comfort of your living room one step closer to being at the ballpark.

Find the franks and buns in the deli and the stop in the grocery aisle for your favorite ketchup, mustard and relish. You’ll be all set to watch the game, with a true taste of Fenway in your hand!


Vendor Story: Kayem

In 1909, Kazimierz Monkiewicz and his wife Helena began making specialty meats, including Kielbasa by hand in a small storefront in Chelsea, MA, delivering it to surrounding neighborhoods by horse drawn carriage. Today, Kayem Foods is the largest meat processor in New England. Owned and operated by the same family for over 100 years, the company manufactures Kayem Franks, the #1 brand of franks sold in New England.

Best known for its Old Tyme Natural Casing Franks, Kayem produces over 200 varieties of hot dogs and deli meats. Kayem Foods has grown from both product creations and acquisitions. The acquisitions of the once Somerville based Triple M Branded Fully Cooked Ham business and Genoa Fresh Sausage Company lead growth in the 90’s. However it was the creation of Al Fresco Fully Cooked Natural Casing Chicken sausage by the third generation Monkiewicz Family that has taken our business to over 40 states and international. Al Fresco, the #1 Chicken sausage in America is 100% all natural and both great tasting and great for you.

The most publicized addition came in 2009, when Kayem Foods began making the iconic Fenway Frank line of hot dogs. In 2010, Kayem also became the Official Hot Dog and Sausage of the New England Patriots. Four generations of family have been dedicated to providing delicious, high quality meats that have graced America’s kitchens and picnic tables for over a century.