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Fruit & Nut Breads

Featured Item: Our Own Fruit Breads

We’re all set in our morning routines. For some, that means enjoying a cup of coffee alongside a slice of one of our Bakery’s own Fruit and Nut Breads. Perfect as part of a brunch arrangement, or even a quick snack throughout the day, these breads offer a classic, homemade taste, without all the hassle of baking them yourself.

The quality of our Fruit Breads is second to none. If you’ve ever tried one of our Bakery’s Jumbo Muffins, you’re on the right track. Our Fruit Breads are made using the same recipes and mixes as our muffins, but are about two and a half times heavier. This makes the final product that is slightly denser, and as a result, retains more moisture and flavor in the baking process. Also, all of our Fruit Breads are available pre-sliced, making it easier to manage portions, and enjoy over the course of a couple days.

The most impressive thing, however, is the sheer number of flavors and varieties available. Ranging from our most popular options, such as Blueberry, Coffeecake, and Banana Bread, to seasonal specialties like Pumpkin Raisin, Pistachio, and Gingerbread, there’s a flavor for just about any occasion. With the option for either pre-sliced, or whole loafs, they’re also incredibly convenient in fitting into whatever your plans may be.

Also available are Catering Platters featuring out Fruit and Nut Breads. Our first option, the Fruit Bread Tray, puts our Fruit Breads front and center, with four loaves sliced, and garnished with red and green grapes, fresh strawberries, and whipped butter. The other, our Fruit Bread & Danish Pastry Platter, features a delicious breakfast assortment with two sliced loaf breads, and an assortment of sixteen European Danish Pastries.