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Full Circle + Project 7

Featured Grocery: Project 7 and Full Circle

Here at Roche Bros., we’re proud to be a part of Project 7’s effort to feed the hungry. So far, our customer’s purchases have led to the donation of 20,718 meals by Project 7 to the Greater Boston Food Bank. We can’t thank our customers enough for their generosity and support of this great cause.

Project 7 is a nationwide initiative to promote 7 different goals: Heal the Sick, Save the Earth, House the Homeless, Feed the Hungry, Quench the Thirsty, Teach them Well, and Hope for Peace. They do this by focusing on what they call “Products for Good”, the idea of using everyday products, purchased by everyday people to solve everyday problems.

By purchasing specially marked Full Circle products, including Teas, Granola Bars, Fruit & Cereal bars and more, Project 7 will make a contribution to the Greater Boston Food Bank in an effort to help Feed the Hungry, allowing our customers to help themselves, as well as someone else.