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Featured Flavor: Gingerbread

This year, our Bakery Department has made it their mission to reconnect you with your holiday memories, and also help your family create new ones, by offering an assortment of new and traditional gingerbread desserts. From new entries, such as our Gingerbread Trifle, or Gingerbread Winter Wonderland Cake, to classic favorites, like gingerbread men and bread loafs, our Bakery has everything you need to impress your guests, or entertain your family this holiday season.

Once believed to have medicinal properties in Medieval England, Gingerbread has been a part of the Western food scene for centuries. Starting in 992, Armenian Monk Gregory of Nicopolis began showing the French priests the process for making the food during his seven year stay in Bandaroy. It was a relatively simple recipe, consisting of mainly honey and spices, and spread across Europe in several variations over the next few centuries.

In contemporary times, the recipes for making gingerbread have remained largely unchanged. Still flavored with ginger root, and sweetened with honey or molasses, the confection has become largely associated with the holidays and winter in general. It’s unique, sweet flavor, combines with an unmistakable aroma combine to create an experience that is nearly inseparable with the holiday season, and brings back fond memories in people of all ages.

Stop by one of our locations today and check out Santa’s Bake Shop in our Bakeries to take care of all your holiday needs for desserts and sweets!