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Great Occasions


Featured Meat: Great Occasions

Roche Bros. is famous for the quality meats sold at our Butcher Shops. Our humble beginnings were as a family owned Butcher Shop in Roslindale, Massachusetts in 1952.  As we have grown, we have increased our selection of meat and poultry, and added all the wonderful produce, baked goods, groceries and more that make the meat into a meal.  We remain committed to providing the freshest quality meats, offered to you with our signature customer service.

Key to our service is helping you make the right selection to make every meal special.  We are all well versed in the classics – chicken breasts and ground beef are everyday staples.  Turkey for Thanksgiving, Ham for Easter, Brisket for Passover, and more make the holidays special.

For your next occasion, picking just the right cut of meat can truly make your meal a Great Occasion. Our Great Occasion guide walks you through all of our Butcher Shop’s outstanding selections for this holiday season.  Click here or  on the image above to  read through the brochure, with helpful information on how to select and prepare your meat for a magnificent meal.

Stop by the Butcher Shop in any of our Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms stores to learn more and place your order.  Happy Holidays!