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Gruyère AOC 1655

Gruyère AOC 1655 derives its unique flavor from a traditional recipe handed down in Gruyères, Switzerland, where the cheese originates.  There, in green pastures, cows graze on only grass and natural fodder under snow-capped peaks, contributing their raw milk, with no added preservatives, all transformed by the painstaking skills of the cheesemaker.

Each wheel of Gruyère AOC 1655 is individually turned and looked after by a master cheese maker, growing a sticky outer film that denotes a healthy cheese with a full, rich flavor.  When the cheese maker has determined the natural, live product is mature, it is released to market – an exceptional cheese with a natural fruity taste and full rich flavor.

Enjoy Gruyère AOC 1655 with sparkling white wine and salmon, or for a sweeter touch with a dry white wine and apples, citrus, and pineapple.