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Holiday Cheeses

FEATURED ITEM: Holiday Cheeses

Give the cheese display at your holiday celebrations an update with the latest offerings from our Cheese Shop:


Sartori Peppermint Parmesan

Surprise your guests with Sartori’s Limited Edition Peppermint BellaVitano, a creamy Parmesan with a hint of real peppermint candy! Its strikingly pink rind is only upstaged by its magnificent creamy and complex taste. It’s a special centerpiece for your cheese spread this season.


Our Own Baked Brie

Our traditional ready-to-bake Brie is covered in a flaky pie crust.

If you have a lot of hungry guests, you might want to keep two of them on hand. Bake and serve with our bakery’s own crusty baguettes or your favorite crackers. Select from a wide array of toppings that run the gamut from sweet to savory: apricot, raspberry, sour cherry, apple pie filling, cinnamon apple, fig or honey mustard. Or just keep it simple with no topping at all.

Make a statement with an individual baked brie for each guest at your table! We are offering them in three of our most popular flavors: fig, apricot and cinnamon apple.


English Stilton Cheeses

For the holidays, we’re also offering a full variety of high-end English Cheeses. With an assortment of Stilton cheeses brought in from Ford Farm in Dorset, England, we have everything you need for an authentic English cheese board.


Enjoy and happy holidays!