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Holiday Floral Trends

FEATURED ITEM: Holiday Floral Trends

Create a festive and memorable environment at home with this year’s trends in seasonal floral arrangements and décor. Visit our floral department to find what you need to make your own or ask one of our experts to design an arrangement to suit your holiday table!

Here are some of the warm and inviting trends we are seeing this year:

Metallic Sparkle:

This year’s metallic look in holiday floral pairs gold with silver in a wide array of tones and depths. Gold elements range from bright shades to champagne rose and everything in between. And silver ranges from grey and muted to shiny and polished. Copper is highlighted, too, standing out boldly on its own this year in wreaths and other single-toned centerpieces. Feature metallics with shimmery ribbon and leaves, traditional ornaments and more.

Rustic Winter:

The feel of the winter cabin in the woods comes out full force with décor that brings outdoor nature elements front and center. From woodland animals to rustic snow scenes, this theme has a cozy side as it takes winter into your home. Create this vibe with figurines of owls, deer and other animals, along with birds’ nests, twig wreaths and garlands. Add cool elements with snowflakes and pine cones with white tips and organic ornaments with accents of red berries and vines.

Earthy Luxury:

A color palette of earth tones characterizes this theme, which combines those hues with a sense of rustic elegance. Acorns and pine cones with a touch of glitter, animal figurines and antlers and frosted glass are including with arrangements for accents. Wrap vases in textiles such as silk velvet or textured satin to complete the look.

Bright Celebrations:

Set the stage for a happy and whimsical holiday with electric colors that pop.  Pop each element more by adding sequins, foils and gemstones, as well as bright-colored glass. Make the scene merry with ribbon, flowers and wreaths in radiant colors.

Festive Neutrals:

Decorate with simple sophistication this season in neutral tones. Keep it cool in white and off-white with shiny to matte finishes and textures that range from soft to coarse. Accent a base of white flowers with crystal angels, rabbit figurines and ornaments with a pearlescent glow.