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Honey Cakes

Featured Bakery: Honey Cakes

Honey Cake, or Lekach, is a honey-sweetened cake usually made as a dense loaf, though it can also be made with a texture similar to sponge cake or pound cake. Most recipes will call for white rye flour, dark honey, coffee, eggs, vegetable oil, salt, baking powder and an assortment of spices such as cloves, cinnamon, and allspice.

The honey cake is one of the many sweet desserts commonly served for Rosh Hashanah – along with many other honey and apple flavored sweets – as it is believed to help welcome in a “sweet” new year. This began as an Ashkenazi tradition dating back to the late medieval period, however the honey cake itself is believed to have originated from Basbousa, an Ancient Egyptian cake that is still popular in the Middle East.

We make our Honey Cake from scratch right in our stores, using all the ingredients you would expect. Serve it as part of your Rosh Hashanah dessert spreads, alongside other favorite apple and honey themed sweets!