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Horizon Organic

FEATURED VENDOR: Horizon Organic

More than 20 years ago, the founders of Horizon Organic helped pioneer the organic dairy movement and became the first company to supply organic milk nationwide.

Horizon has grown over the years, but some things haven’t changed. It began with a group of small organic family farms, and these family farms are still at the heart of the company.

In addition to milk, Horizon Organic offers organic dairy products of all sorts, including cream cheese, sour cream, shredded cheese and Tuberz Yogurt Tubes, a popular item in children’s school lunches.

All of these products come from cows that are never treated with antibiotics and never given growth hormones. These happy cows are kept healthy the organic way with attentive daily care, fresh air and a wholesome organic diet. They stay outside as often as possible year-round, to graze, exercise, socialize and interact with the land.  What’s more is Horizon Organic has helped hundreds of family farms across the U.S. transition to organic farming practices.