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International Inspiration

Let this week’s theme kickoff a celebration of global cuisine at your dinner table. Enjoy Spring’s warmer evenings with a glass of Rioja wine with imported Spanish charcuterie and manchego cheese. Whip up easy dinners with Indian simmer sauces, Asian stir fries or a taco fiesta. Or, skip the cooking entirely and let Our Kitchen’s Italian Bowls and Signature Greek Salad bring you a taste of the Mediterranean. Here’s some inspiration for what to make for dinner tonight:


From our Butcher Shop, pick up some of Celtic Irish Beef’s NEW sirloin steak tips for the grill or ground beef to make delicious and juicy burgers topped with Claddagh Bo Cheese. Celtic Irish Beef sustainably raises their cattle in the rolling green hills of Ireland without hormones or antibiotics. The result is high-quality, flavorful, tender, grass-fed beef that’s also high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.


For a something simple go with the classic weeknight option of pasta and sauce sprinkled with grated Romano cheese, or skip the cooking altogether and stop by for Our Kitchen’s Own Italian Bowls and Grilled Chicken Parmesan. On the side, add sliced Italian bread brushed with extra virgin olive oil and toasted. Plus – fun fact – Italy is now the world’s leading producer of kiwi fruit, so pick some up for an authentic, if not entirely traditional, dessert for your Italian meal.


Tacos! Grab an Ortega taco dinner kit or shells, taco seasoning and Chi-Chi’s sauce with some ground beef  or chicken from our Butcher Shop and you’re good to go. Remember to get your Hass avocados to slice on top or use in guacamole. Plus, some Tropical mangoes to make a mango salsa or to chop up and eat later on. If you’re feeling ambitious, here’s one of our favorite recipes for Chicken Tacos.


For a flavorful appetizer, make a cheese board with Daniele Spanish Charcuterie and Spanish Manchego Cheese. Then, try your hand at a seafood paella. Stop by our Seafood department to get a whole Spanish octopus imported from Spain or your protein of choice and some Goya canned beans, chipotle peppers, and jasmine rice to bring it all together.


Enjoy Divina green olive spread and Mt. Vikos Grecian Feta Cheese imported from Greece or Our Kitchen’s Own Signature Greek Salad. Also, stock up on your Chobani Greek Style Yogurt for breakfast or a snack during the week.


Make your own ramen bowl using Lotus Rice Ramen, Sun Luck Sesame Oil, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Huy Fong Chili Sriracha Sauce, and some fresh greens from our Produce department. Or a delicious pad thai or stir fry!


Bring the flavors of India to your dinner table by cooking your favorite protein in one of many simmering sauces and complete the meal with a simple side like Tasty Bite’s microwavable Thai Lime Rice or Bombay Potatoes.

Decorate your table and brighten up your home with Hydrangeas and Gerber Daisies from Columbia or Hyacinth from Holland.  Enjoy your world tour at Roche Bros.!