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Jones Soda


If you haven’t tried the many refreshing and unique flavors of Jones Soda, you don’t know what you’re missing! This pure cane soda made with inverted cane sugar was originally sold out of the company’s own coolers in such places as surf shops and music stores, and Roche Bros. is pleased to offer nine flavors in our grocery department.

With unusual flavors choices ranging from Green Apple to Zilch Black Cherry to Fufu Berry and featuring bright, electric colors to match, Jones Soda Co. has something to suit everyone’s thirst.

And these sweet sodas don’t come in an ordinary, plain soda bottle. Jones Soda bottles feature constantly changing labels that are created and submitted by its customers!
Jones Soda Co. also takes pride in its commitment to the environment, reducing its negative impact on the earth whenever possible and actively seeking out suppliers whose goods and services are environmentally responsible.
Come to Roche Bros. to try Jones Soda today.