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Local Growers

Images of farmers from New England family farms that supply fresh produce to Roche Bros.


Over 15 New England Family Farmers supply fresh, local produce to Roche Bros. Find all your farmstand favorites in one convenient place, with a double-your-money-back satisfaction guarantee on produce.

Visit your local Roche Bros. store for produce from these farms and others, too:

Happy Valley Organics, Whately, Mass.

Happy Valley Organics grows 150 acres of certified organic vegetables in the fertile soil of the Connecticut River Valley of Western Massachusetts. They harvest daily to order for the freshest possible product and use vacuum cooling to maintain quality and promote longer shelf life. The farm also has year-round production of potted and cut packaged herbs.


2 Friends Farm, Attleboro, Mass.

Two friends, John and Ashley came together in 2013 to bring their shared vision for the healthy, organic microgreens off the ground. The bustling indoor farm has been expanding to meet customer demand ever since. Contrary to other microgreen operations, inside you’ll find microgreens grown the old-fashioned way – in soil. Microgreens are high in vitamins and make an excellent addition to salads, main courses and smoothies.


Jonathan’s Sprouts, Rochester, Mass.

Jonathan’s Sprouts grows 20 tons of sprouts a week for supermarkets and restaurants in New England. They’ve been growing since 1976. Sprouts are super-packed with phytochemicals that help maintain good health and prevent or cure some chronic conditions like lower blood pressure.


Long Wind Farms, Thetford, Vt.

Long Wind Farm started as a small organic field operation, run by a man with a little more than a yoke of oxen, a small farm stand and a big vision. The vision of David Chapman was to bring to the marketplace a tomato that was grown organically and would have that garden-grown flavor we all remember.


Meadowbrook Farm, Longmeadow, Mass.

Owned and operated by John Burney of E. Longmeadow, Meadowbrook Farm raises several crops on approximately 250 acres of farmland in Western Massachusetts. A variety of crops is grown including sweet corn, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers and strawberries. Over the past several years, Meadowbrook Farm has become widely known for its high quality sweet corn.


Backyard Farms, Madison, Me.

Backyard Farms was founded in 2005. The farm currently has 42 acres of growing space, which is roughly the equivalent of 32 football fields. The fields have about 450,000 tomato plants serviced by 3,600 bumble bees (they oversee plant pollination).  Backyard Farms has picked 40 million pounds of tomatoes since their first harvest.


Wainer Family Farm, Dartmouth, Mass.

The farm was founded in 2002 when the Wainer family purchased 22.5 acres of land in Dartmouth, Mass. Today, Wainer Family Farm grows extraordinary produce and experiments with small specialty crops. They grow over 20 different types of tomatoes, more than a dozen types of summer squash, and over 10 varieties of eggplant, and more than 150 products that change season to season and year to year.


FreshBox Farms, Millis, Mass.

FreshBox Farms Power Blend arrives at the market within 24 hours of harvest. Their local indoor farms grow using clean, sustainable methods and no pesticides, which ensures that your greens stay fresher longer.