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Make Your Own Popsicles

FEATURED ITEM: Make Your Own Ice Pops

Keep it cool in the summer heat by making frozen pops with fresh ingredients in your kitchen.

From simple elements like fruit and juice to more unique flavors such as avocado or wine, get creative with these ideas for make-your-own ice pops:


Fruity and Juicy

The options for pops that highlight fruit and juice abound.

Puree a mix of berries with lime juice for a sweet and tangy ice pop. Blend watermelon, mint leaves and a little fresh ginger for a refreshing treat with a spicy finish.

Keep small berries or chopped fruit slices inside a pop for a beautiful presentation. Or make a super-simple frozen juice pop with Ocean Spray 100% Citrus Mango Pineapple or Citrus Tangerine Orange.


Creamy and Rich

Turn your frozen pop creations into rich and creamy desserts with yogurt, ice cream or coconut milk as the base. Swirl in melted chocolate to make them even richer, or add fresh mint and pineapple bits for a tropical spin.

Avocado lends a cool and creamy feel, and blends well with chocolate, coconut, banana or a combination of them all. Stir a spoonful of honey, chopped strawberries, fresh basil and your choice of creamy base together for a rich, sweet treat with an earthy edge.


Spicy and Savory

Feature veggies along with fruit in your frozen concoctions! Boost your nutrient quotient while you beat the heat with vegetable blends, such as kale, green apple and ginger or spinach, banana and pineapple.

Add some fiery heat to stand up to the icy chill, with cucumbers, jalapenos, lime and a little sugar, or tomato juice, chili pepper and watermelon.


Sparkly and Grown-Up

Shake a cocktail into a frozen pop on a stick! Anything goes, from a frozen Dark & Stormy pop, with rum, ginger beer and lime, to a Margarita pop, combining fresh lime juice, tequila and salt. Add a slice of lime to form the base of this festive pop.

For something white and sparkly, try prosecco, blackberries and fresh lime. Or have a chilled toast with red wine by freezing it with berries and a hint of sugar.