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Making a New England Cheese Board

FEATURED ITEM: Making a New England Cheese Board

Roche Bros. offers dozens of artisan cheeses handmade in New England.  From creamy and spicy to sweet and firm, bring a variety of your favorite local cheeses together for a festive and personalized cheese board.

When creating a cheese board, think about a mix of flavors and textures. If you want to keep it traditional and French-style, select four cheeses: one made with sheep’s milk, one made with cow’s milk, one goat cheese and one blue cheese.

In the spirit of our bountiful selection of New England dairy, we’ve selected a high-quality cheese from every state. Try them all, or stop by our cheese department to find the cheeses you like best!



The fresh, creamy goat cheese from Beltane Farm in Lebanon, Conn., is made in small batches every week. This fine cheese comes from goats raised on local hay and forage. Each goat is named and each has her own particular personality. The cheese, as well as their milk and yogurt, are hormone free and contain no antibiotics.


Spice things up with Pineland Farms Pepper Jack. A trio of hot peppers, including Jalapeno, guajillo and Habanero, kicks up the heat in this creamy jack. All of the cheese at Pineland Farms starts with the freshest milk possible from their creamery, which is just a stone’s throw away from their barns.


From Great Hill Creamery in Marlon, Mass., try the raw milk blue cheese, handmade in their turn-of-the-century barn. Unlike many blue cheese varieties, the milk is not homogenized, which means the cheese is especially smooth and fully flavored. The curd is a bit more dense and yellow than most blue cheeses because there is no bleach or food coloring added.

New Hampshire

The raw milk cheddar from Brookford Farm in Canterbury, N.H., is complex in flavor, creamy and firm in texture, and aged a minimum of six months. It pairs well with a simple cracker so you can enjoy the all of the flavor elements of the cheese itself.

Rhode Island

While it might not be the most traditional element of a cheese board, consider a small bowl of Salty Sea Feta from Narragansett Creamery, with some marinated olives to go with it. Crafted from whole milk and sea salt, this feta won a Gold Medal at the Wisconsin World Cheese Championships.


Inspired by a classic, French Brie, Moses Sleeper is an original creation from Jasper Hill Creamery in Greensboro, VT. Beneath its thin, bloomy rind, you’ll find a gooey, milky core showing a complex array of flavors at peak ripeness: cauliflower, crème fraîche, and toasted nuts. A bright, clean finish with a hint of white mushroom aroma follows the rich flavors of the paste.

Special additions

Along with crostini and crackers of all shapes and sizes, round out your cheese board with grapes, almonds and a bit of honey. Enhance your display with local charcuterie from Daniele, such as sopressata, made with premium pork, and salami made in the Italian tradition.

Stop by the Roche Bros. cheese department for advice on cheeses and other details to help you celebrate the bounty of New England cheeses at home.